If your needs do not slot perfectly into one of the examples listed, that’s okay! Contact us today for a custom quote! Our flexible DJ services can meet your needs.

2022 Rates


Weekly Trivia Nights
for two hours per week
– questions provided by Torgo Entertainment
– prizes for top three teams provided by venue

Prom/School Dance
for three hours
$100/hr overtime

Corporate Events
 for four hours
$100/hr overtime

Private Events
for three hours
$100/hr overtime

Bar DJ
 for four hours
$50/hr overtime

Contact us today!

One thought

  1. Hello! I went to a friends wedding in Ithaca in August of 2021 and loved the music and the DJ. They shared your contact with me for my upcoming wedding on Sunday September 3rd, 2023. I would be interested in hiring Torgo for out production in Batavia, NY. Please let me know if that date is available and someone is willing to make the drive!


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