Unlike most DJ companies, this story begins at an extracurricular activity fair at the University of Connecticut.

2020 photo

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The enthusiasm and tenacity of Dan Warren – Promotions Director at the time – drew a 17-year-old Torgo to the WHUS Radio booth in the Student Union, and he became hooked almost immediately. Having dabbled in the business due to his father’s separate DJ company, he decided to try out radio. Several years of broadcasting led to a position at Sirius Satellite Radio (pre-merger with XM) and a well-regarded radio show.

2007 University of Connecticut Open House, performing with 91.7 WHUS

After graduation and the lovely jobs/economic situation of 2009-2011, Torgo began work with a local DJ service in Corning where he remained for four years, building up an immaculate reputation and invaluable experience. Finally deciding to take matters into his own hands, Torgo Entertainment debuted as a company in January 2015.

10/10/15 Beesley/Cook Wedding

Cut to 2021. Torgo Entertainment has made a name as the premiere DJ service in the Twin Tiers. NAQT scouted out Torgo to serve as one of their national-level trivia moderators in 2017, and the company now has more weddings, proms and various other events than ever before.

2021 Arnot Mall Indoor 5K

(The name Torgo comes from Manos: The Hands of Fate, for those that wish to know. No other DJ used the name when the moniker first saw use, and the name is both easy to pronounce and spell.)

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