1.) Adding two numbers together results in a third number of what name?

2.) The proper longhand terminology for 0.04 reads as four what?

3.) A cup contains how many tablespoons?

4.) A perfect circle with a two-inch radius possesses a diameter of what length?

5.) What term describes lines intersecting at 90 degrees?

6.) A ton contains how many pounds?

7.) 5.9 quadrillion (5.9 * 10^12) miles equals approximately one of what unit of length?

8.) A pint contains how many fluid ounces?

9.) A rectangular prism features how many edges?

10.) A rhombus with a six-inch base and a height of seven inches features what as its area?

11.) Excluding any applicable remainder, what name belongs to the end result of a division problem?

12.) Dividing a sine by a cosine equals what trigonometric function?

13.) Absolute zero equates to zero in what two temperature scales?

14.) What sequence begins with the following series of numbers?

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, …

15.) What Adam Sandler film shares its name with military slang for “kilometer”?

16.) What standard Roman military unit comprised approximately 6,000 men in Julius Caesar’s time?

17.) What measure of four feet by four feet by eight feet usually describes a volume of wood?

18.) What three-letter units measure the cooling capacity of an air conditioner?

19.) 4,840 square yards equals one of what unit?

20.) Common weights for what product include 5W-20, 10W-30 and 20W-20?

1.) a sum
2.) hundredths
3.) 16 tbsp
4.) four inches
5.) perpendicular lines
6.) 2,000 lb
7.) light-year
8.) 16 fl oz
9.) 12 edges
10.) 42 sq in
11.) quotient
12.) tangent
13.) Kelvin and Rankine
14.) the Fibonacci sequence
15.) Click
16.) a legion
17.) a cord
18.) BTUs (British thermal units)
19.) acre
20.) motor oil

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