1.) Most people refer to infamous outlaw William Henry McCarty, Jr. by what nickname?

2.) What collective nickname refers to soldiers who fight on horseback?

3.) What term refers to a military naval officer of the highest rank?

4.) What name belongs to the longest wooden roller coaster in the United States?

5.) What method of transportation features a “bilge”?

6.) What symbol shares a key with the number four on a standard computer keyboard?

7.) Mother Teresa’s parents named her with what first name?

8.) Miners traditionally used what bird to detect gas in coal mines?

9.) Also known as advance-free frauds, Internet 419 scams most commonly draw attention to what African country?

10.) In 1935 Sir Malcolm Campbell broke the world land speed record at what Florida beach?

11.) Featured in several home workshops, the appearance of a carpenter’s square resembles what shape?

12.) A fortnight comprises how many days?

13.) Members of the Armed Forces wounded in action receive what medal?

14.) Germans refer to their motorways by what name?

15.) The official United States Postal Service abbreviation of what U.S. state appears the same as the last two letters of the state’s name when spelled out?

16.) Italian fashion designers Domenico and Stefano used what surnames as their professional brand?

17.) What name belongs to local porters who help climbers on Mount Everest?

18.) What home workshop machine “turns” wood?

19.) The government of Bermuda only permits one of what item to each household in order to protect the environment?

20.) What variety of leaf appears on the Canadian flag?

1.) Billy the Kid
2.) cavalry
3.) fleet admiral
4.) The Beast
5.) a boat
6.) $
7.) Agnes
8.) a canary
9.) Nigeria
10.) Daytona Beach
11.) L-shaped
12.) 14 days
13.) the Purple Heart
14.) autobahns
15.) Kentucky
16.) Dolce & Gabbana
17.) sherpas
18.) a lathe
19.) a private four-wheeled vehicle
20.) a maple leaf

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