1.) A standard issue Pez dispenser may contain what maximum number of Pez candy?

2.) Thomas Sullivan accidentally invented what in 1904 by sending his customers product samples in small silk packets?

3.) The red tomato originates from what continent?

4.) Mississippi banned what from 1907 to 1966?

5.) Crossing a blackberry, a loganberry and what third berry produces a boysenberry?

6.) What food preparation process consists of “a brief boil of food followed by submersion in ice-cold water”?

7.) Congress declared what as the official spirit of the United States?

8.) The word sushi refers to what ingredient?

9.) Also known as “Cereal City”, what Michigan city contains the world headquarters of Kellogg Company?

10.) The Blue Mountains of Jamaica most famously produce what beverage?

11.) What brand of beer shares its name with the river running through Amsterdam?

12.) Vitamin D fortifies milk in the United States with the intent of combating what disease?

13.) What relative of the onion traditionally symbolizes Wales?

14.) Often served on toast, what Australian delicacy consists of yeast extract?

15.) The Anarchist Cookbook proclaims that the skin of what common fruit may cause hallucinations if dried and smoked?

16.) A California roll usually comprises what seafood?

17.) “Hen of the woods” represents one of what type of fungi?

18.) What modern country manufactures the oldest Pilsner-type beer in the world: the Pilsner Urquell?

19.) A citrus fruit must possess no greater than what quantity of seeds in order to receive “seedless” commercial classification?

20.) Many modern writers proclaim that what modern food product equates to the “curds and whey” of nursery rhymes?

1.) 12 pieces
2.) tea bags
3.) South America
4.) alcohol
5.) a raspberry
6.) blanching
7.) bourbon
8.) rice
9.) Battle Creek, MI
10.) coffee
11.) Amstel
12.) rickets
13.) the leek
14.) Vegemite
15.) bananas
16.) crab
17.) mushrooms
18.) Czech Republic
19.) five seeds
20.) cottage cheese

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