(B.F.E. stands for “Business, Finance & Economy”.)

1.) What material constitutes 75% of a dollar bill?

2.) What country produces the most opium worldwide?

3.) Colombia produces more of what precious stone than any other country?

4.) What variety of iPod debuted without a screen or scroll wheel before any other model?

5.) Taco Bell’s “yo quiero Taco Bell” ad campaign began in what year?

6.) The nightly room rate for Motel 6 cost what amount when it first opened in Santa Barbara, California in 1962?

7.) The biotech company Genentech represents itself with what three-letter stock ticker symbol?

8.) What company produced such products as the Frisbee, the Hula Hoop, the SuperBall and the Boogie Board?

9.) Buildings and industry use approximately 50% of all the trees cut worldwide. The rest of the trees go toward what purpose?

10.) What product debuted to the public on September 4th, 1957 as part of its ceremonial “E-Day”?

11.) Collectors “harvest” what commodity from the lakes of Cyprus when they dry up in the summer?

12.) In 1602 what became the first public company in the world to issue stock?

13.) What U.S. state contains Google’s headquarters?

14.) French sailors named what country in western Africa while trading ivory in the 1400s?

15.) What household product marketed itself using the slogan “makes oven cleaning easier”?

16.) Formerly the largest international air carrier in the United States, what company collapsed on December 4th, 1991?

17.) Approved by the 112-member National Association of Automobile Manufacturers in 1902, the original new car warranty lasted what period of time?

18.) Producing 5,400 tonnes of silver in 2013, what country produces the most silver?

19.) The arrow located in the logo for FedEx points what direction?

20.) Whose $900 million fortune once constituted two percent of the gross national product but decreased to approximately $26 million by 1937?

1.) cotton
2.) Afghanistan
3.) emeralds
4.) iPod Shuffle
5.) 1997
6.) $6.00
7.) DNA
8.) Wham-O
9.) fuel
10.) the Ford Edsel
11.) salt
12.) Dutch East India Company
13.) California
14.) Ivory Coast/Côte d’Ivoire
15.) Easy-Off
16.) Pan Am
17.) 60 days
18.) Mexico
19.) to the right
20.) John D. Rockefeller

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