1.) The Argentinian section of what island ranks as the world’s most southerly national park?

2.) Alaska’s coastline measures what distance?

3.) The New York neighborhood SoHo stands for what two words?

4.) The Mexico-to-Canada Pacific Coast National Scenic Trail opened in what decade?

5.) What ranks as the world’s largest landlocked harbor?

6.) What city includes the Anne Frank House?

7.) What country features both the highest and lowest points in South America?

8.) What country ranks as the most densely-populated in the world?

9.) The ancient city of Carthage now lies within the borders of what modern country?

10.) Hawaii comprises how many islands?

11.) What latitudinal-inspired name belongs to the continuous strong winds between South America and South Africa?

12.) What U.S. state contains the Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge, habitat for an endangered bird species of the same name?

13.) Name the only two doubly-landlocked countries.

14.) What vast global ancestral ocean surrounded the supercontinent Pangaea during the late Paleozoic and the early Mesozoic eras?

15.) What island ranks behind Greenland as the second-largest in the world?

16.) What geologic highland region of the central United States comprises much of the southern half of Missouri, northwestern Arkansas, northeastern Oklahoma and southeastern Kansas?

17.) What ranks as Europe’s second-largest island country?

18.) What alternate name befits Kiritimati, the largest atoll in the Pacific Ocean?

19.) What African country once went by the name Upper Volta?

20.) What “C”-term refers to a shrubland or heathland plant community typically found in California and stems from the Spanish for “scrub oaks”?

21.) What U.S. state features a capital city with over one million people?

22.) What part of the Puerto Rico trench ranks as the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean?

23.) Usually caused by a stream flowing under the glacier’s ice, what “E”-term refers to a long winding ridge of stratified sand and gravel similar to railway embankments?

24.) Europe’s tallest mountain, what mountain lies on the France-Italy border?

25.) What country contains Peshawar?

26.) What U.S. state features its northern half and southern half in different time zones?

27.) Located south of the Celtic Sea, what body of water separates Spain from France?

28.) Located at the Cahokia Mounds UNESCO World Heritage Site near Collinsville, Illinois, what name belongs to the largest burial ground in the United States?

29.) What U.S. state shares no letters in its name with the name of its state capital?

30.) What New York county lacks any traffic lights?

1.) Tierra del Fuego
2.) 6,640 miles
3.) south of Houston
4.) the 1990s
5.) San Francisco Bay
6.) Amsterdam
7.) Argentina
8.) Monaco
9.) Tunisia
10.) nine islands
11.) the Roaring Forties
12.) Texas
13.) Liechtenstein & Uzbekistan
14.) Panthalassa
15.) New Guinea
16.) the Ozarks
17.) Iceland
18.) Christmas Island
19.) Burkina Faso
20.) chaparral
21.) Arizona
22.) Milwaukee Deep
23.) esker
24.) Mont Blanc
25.) Pakistan
26.) Idaho
27.) Bay of Biscay
28.) Monks Mound
29.) South Dakota
30.) Hamilton County

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