1.) As of November 2015, how many U.S. states lack a major league team in baseball, football, basketball, soccer or hockey?

2.) The 1956 Summer Olympics held its equestrian events in Stockholm, Sweden due to quarantine regulations in what country where the rest of the events occurred?

3.) Gottfried Schmidt invented the automatic bowling pinsetter in what decade?

4.) What Cup acts as the women’s equivalent to tennis’ Davis Cup?

5.) What great thoroughbred fathered Triple Crown winner War Admiral?

6.) What event ranks as the first and shortest running event of a decathlon?

7.) What country won the 2010 World Cup?

8.) Balls allowed in a candlepin bowling game must weigh below what maximum weight?

9.) Vince Lombardi ended his coaching career with what NFL team?

10.) An Augusta National Golf Club founder, what legendary golf pro built a private cabin near its 10th tee in the 1940s?

11.) NFL dictates halftime of a regular game as what length of time?

12.) What sports venue sold its naming rights before any other?

13.) What early 20th-century baseball great had his autograph burned into the barrel of his bat before any other player?

14.) What first name belonged to the late Yogi Berra?

15.) The NHL formed in what decade?

16.) The acronym WAG refers to what Olympic event?

17.) Steve Nash wore what jersey number in 2012?

18.) Red Barber hosted the first network radio broadcast of a NFL championship game over the Mutual Broadcasting System in what decade?

19.) What “P” name belongs to both the narrow strip along which fencers compete and a marked ski run or path down a mountain?

20.) What decade saw the first patent of the golf tee?

21.) Not counting any outstanding strikes or spares, a bowler could score what maximum number of points after nine frames of 10-pin bowling in a perfect game?

22.) What Olympic sport includes a rule against wearing more than the permitted amount of clothing?

23.) The mascot named Slider affiliates with what Major League Baseball team?

24.) What decade saw the first NASCAR Strictly Stock Series (later renamed the NASCAR Sprint Cup)?

25.) A roleo involves what sport?

26.) The 2013 NCAA Men’s Final Four occurred in what city?

27.) Umpires prepare how many baseballs for each Major League Baseball game according to official rules?

28.) What hard-throwing Major League Baseball pitcher named his firstborn son Gehrig after baseball great Lou Gehrig?

29.) Georgia Tech beat Cumberland College in the most lopsided game in college football history on October 7th, 1916. Cumberland College scored zero points; Georgia Tech scored how many points?

30.) “Shoeless” Joe Jackson hailed from what U.S. state?

1.) 24 U.S. states
2.) Australia
3.) the 1930s
4.) Federation Cup
5.) Man o’ War
6.) 100m dash
7.) Spain
8.) 16 lbs.
9.) Washington Redskins
10.) Bobby Jones
11.) 12 minutes
12.) Sportsman’s Park
13.) Honus Wagner
14.) Larry
15.) the 1910s
16.) women’s artistic gymnastics
17.) No. 10
18.) the 1940s
19.) piste
20.) the 1880s
21.) 210 points
22.) women’s beach volleyball
23.) Cleveland Indians
24.) the 1940s
25.) logrolling
26.) Atlanta, GA
27.) 60 baseballs
28.) Curt Schilling
29.) 222 points
30.) South Carolina

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