1.) Eleanor Abbott invented what popular board game in 1945 while recovering from polio?

2.) What “conclusive” name befits a chess game in which white must win to take the match, but black only has to draw?

3.) What tourist site ranks as both France’s and Europe’s most-visited with nearly 15.5 million visitors in 2009?

4.) A standard issue Magic 8-Ball contains how many different answers?

5.) What game involves the terms “squidge”, “squop” and “pot out”?

6.) How many Monopoly properties share their names with a U.S. state?

7.) A standard issue bumper pool table includes how many bumpers?

8.) A traditional shuffleboard court measures at what length?

9.) A player must earn what winning point total in cribbage?

10.) NEC Corporation released the TurboGrafx-16 – the first 16-bit video game console – on October 30th of what year?

11.) The term “grand slam” first belonged to what sport?

12.) Legal wordlists for Scrabble include how many two-letter words as of December 2012?

13.) What popular series of board games comes with DVDs and comes in special editions pertaining to Disney, sports, Marvel, music and other subjects?

14.) A pinochle deck comprises how many cards?

15.) The first roller coaster to break the 200-foot height barrier, Magnum XL-200 opened on May 6th, 1989 in what amusement park?

16.) What company originally owned the Super Soaker brand until Hasbro acquired it in 1995?

17.) What name befits the center plastic portion of the Trouble board game?

18.) The instructions to what board game list its goal as building a balanced pile of blocks without causing it to tumble?

19.) The object of what board game involves gaining control of Europe once a player controls 18 supply centers?

20.) The United States’ first casino to open on a Native American reservation opened in what U.S. state?

21.) Bought by Hasbro in 1998, what toy company created Micro Machines and distributed the Game Genie in the United States?

22.) What character rides a bicycle on the Joker cards in a deck of Bicycle brand playing cards?

23.) Closed in 1984, Holy Land USA – a theme park inspired by select passages from the Bible – existed in what U.S. state?

24.) The name of what practice from sports and games comes from the custom of hiding bets in a hat before people announced the odds?

25.) What card receives the nickname “beer card” in bridge?

26.) Debuting in North America in 1986, Sega marketed what video game console – its first – in the United States?

27.) Cards Against Humanity debuted in what year?

28.) What character stands behind locked bars in Monopoly?

29.) Played with three dice, law enforcement frequently raided parlors of what game during the 1920s and Prohibition to the point where such squads shared their name with said game?

30.) Pac-Man reaches his fastest speed in the fifth level of the titular arcade game. Pac-Man travels at what percentage of this top speed in the first level?

1.) Candy Land
2.) armageddon
3.) Disneyland Paris
4.) 20 answers
5.) tiddlywinks
6.) 10 properties
7.) 12 bumpers
8.) 52 feet
9.) 121 points
10.) 1987
11.) whist
12.) 101 words
13.) Scene It?
14.) 48 cards
15.) Cedar Point
16.) Larami Corp.
17.) Pop-O-Matic
18.) Blockhead!
19.) Diplomacy
20.) Florida
21.) Galoob
22.) King
23.) Connecticut
24.) handicapping
25.) seven of diamonds
26.) Sega Master System
27.) 2011
28.) Jake the Jailbird
29.) bunco
30.) 80%

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