1.) The “boot” of Italy “kicks” what island?

2.) The Bering Strait separates what country from Alaska?

3.) East Pakistan changed its name to that of what present-day country on December 15th, 1971?

4.) What U.S. state contains Kitty Hawk, the site of the Wright Brothers’ first flights?

5.) What city ranks as Alaska’s most populous?

6.) What mountain range covers approximately two-thirds of southern Switzerland?

7.) What famed English site calls Salisbury Plain home?

8.) Explorer Zebulon Pike lends his name to what Colorado landmark?

9.) What U.S. state contains St. Augustine, the oldest European-founded city in the United States?

10.) What river carved the Grand Canyon?

11.) What name befits smaller streams and rivers that feed a single large river?

12.) The city formerly known as Saigon now goes by what name?

13.) More Jewish people live in what country than any other?

14.) What U.S. city contains both the tomb of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the World of Coca-Cola?

15.) A “ford” typically represents what “extreme” part of a river?

16.) What river forms over 1,000 miles of border between the United States and Mexico?

17.) Located 440 miles from the North Pole, Cape Morris Jessup represents the northernmost point of what landmass?

18.) What Scottish lake contains more freshwater than all the lakes in England and Wales combined?

19.) How many U.S. states feature geographic regions referred to as “panhandles”?

20.) What country contains the Loire, the Rhone and the Marne?

1.) Sicily
2.) Russia
3.) Bangladesh
4.) North Carolina
5.) Anchorage, AK
6.) the Alps
7.) Stonehenge
8.) Pikes Peak
9.) Florida
10.) Colorado River
11.) tributaries
12.) Ho Chi Minh City
13.) United States
14.) Atlanta, GA
15.) one of its shallowest parts
16.) Rio Grande
17.) Greenland
18.) Loch Ness
19.) nine U.S. states
20.) France

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