1.) What brewer claims that “it takes 119.5 seconds to pour the perfect pint”?

2.) Roquefort, France produces what food?

3.) Varieties of what vegetable include Yukon Gold, Silverton and Gem Russet?

4.) Commonly found in salads, what “A” term describes pungent leaves also collectively known as “rocket”?

5.) Varieties of what fruit include Anjou, Bartlett and Bosc?

6.) The logo for Red Bull energy drinks features how many bulls?

7.) Varieties of what vegetable include Yellow Crookneck, White Patty Pan and Early Prolific Straightneck?

8.) Varieties of what fruit include Kalamata, Manzanillo and Queen?

9.) Varieties of what fruit include Kona Sugarloaf, Hawaiian King and Hilo?

10.) Varieties of what fruit include Belle of Georgia, Dessert Gold and Empress?

11.) A Caesar salad most commonly includes what cheese?

12.) What name refers to oysters on the half-shell topped with various other ingredients – parsley, a rich butter sauce and bread crumbs – and baked or broiled?

13.) A Reuben sandwich most commonly includes what cheese?

14.) Sometimes served flambé, what name belongs to the dessert made from bananas, vanilla ice cream and a sauce comprising butter, sugar, cinnamon, dark rum and banana liqueur?

15.) A company owned by Aaron Lapin introduced what aerosol dessert topping brand in 1948?

16.) Since 2011 the slogan “to life, love and loot” advertises what brand of rum manufactured by alcohol conglomerate Diageo?

17.) What brand began business in Seattle’s Pike Place Market in 1971?

18.) Edible varieties of what include Button, Enoki and Chanterelle?

19.) What sauce traditionally tops Eggs Benedict?

20.) What salad dressing comprises mayonnaise, ketchup and finely-chopped vegetables?

1.) Guinness
2.) Roquefort cheese
3.) potato
4.) arugula
5.) pear
6.) two bulls
7.) squash
8.) olive
9.) pineapple
10.) peach
11.) parmesan
12.) Oysters Rockefeller
13.) Swiss
14.) Bananas Foster
15.) Reddi-wip
16.) Captain Morgan
17.) Starbucks
18.) mushroom
19.) Hollandaise sauce
20.) Thousand Island dressing

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