1.) How many years constitute a score?

2.) What holds the bit in a drill?

3.) An arctic “doomsday vault” contains what at the end of a tunnel hundreds of feet beneath the permafrost on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen?

4.) Canals have many water-filled chambers that raise and lower boats; what name belongs to these chambers?

5.) What ranks as the largest Boston daily newspaper in terms of circulation?

6.) What woman sharpshooter won fame in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show before her injury in a 1901 train crash?

7.) What name belongs to a long-range United States Air Force bomber, a hairstyle, a new wave band an d a cocktail?

8.) A search engine called Goojje launched in 2010 after Google threatened to suspend their services in what country due to censorship issues?

9.) What annual publication contains tabular information in a particular field or fields – such as sports statistics, weather forecasts, or tide tables – often arranged to the calendar?

10.) What Turkish city ranks as the second most popular wedding destination in the world after Las Vegas, NV?

11.) What name belongs to the ancient Christian and Jewish underground burial chambers in and around Rome?

12.) Hugh Hefner dresses to resemble what royal womanizer in the portrait that hangs over the fireplace in the Playboy Mansion library?

13.) Which of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still exists?

14.) The FBI proclaims what as the minimum number of people a person must kill in order to receive the label of “serial killer”?

15.) How many total days constitute June, July and August?

16.) The book Sized lists what items as long, pointed and measuring seven to eight inches in Japan yet 10 inches long and blunt in China?

17.) The initialism M.B.A. refers to what three words when referring to degrees?

18.) On October 15th, 2009, Richard and Mayumi Heene incorrectly claimed their six-year-old son Falcon had accidentally gone missing in what type of homemade conveyance?

19.) What northern California prison acted as a military prison for over 70 years and a federal prison for fewer than 30 years?

20.) In the 1860s archaeologist Giuseppe Fiorelli created human body casts from the cavities left by the dead in what city?

1.) 20 years
2.) a chuck
3.) seeds
4.) locks
5.) Boston Globe
6.) Annie Oakley
7.) B-52
8.) China
9.) almanac
10.) Istanbul
11.) catacombs
12.) Henry VIII
13.) the Great Pyramid of Giza
14.) at least three people
15.) 92 days
16.) chopsticks
17.) Master of Business Administration
18.) a balloon
19.) Alcatraz
20.) Pompeii

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