1.) Ph.D. refers to what words?

2.) The Latin phrase ex libris often appears on labels pasted into books and means what?

3.) What term for an elephant stems from the Greek for “thick-skinned”?

4.) What item alternatively referred to as a “fireplug” features a name that partially stems from a word for “water”?

5.) The name of what African kingdom represents the final letter of the alphabet in NATO Radio Code?

6.) What two languages constitute the official languages of the Republic of Ireland?

7.) What Russian name belongs to a sled or carriage drawn by three horses harnessed side-by-side?

8.) Schooners typically represent boats with two or more what?

9.) What name belongs to the handle of a sword?

10.) What word referring to a type of attack stems from the French for “to set in the woods”?

11.) What word from the Arabic for “forbidden place” refers to the sphere of women in a (usually) polygamous household and their enclosed quarters forbidden to men?

12.) The pinna represents the visible part of what organ?

13.) The adjective nocturnal typically refers to animals awake and/or active at night. What antonym refers to animals awake and/or active during daytime hours?

14.) The initialism APB refers to what three words?

15.) An onychophagist exhibits what bad habit?

16.) What legal term describes a claim upon property to secure a debt?

17.) The name of what chess piece comes from the Greek word for “overseer”?

18.) What country features an official language of German and Croatian, Slovene and Hungarian each represented in one of its states?

19.) What word represents the noun form of the opposite of “truth”?

20.) What region of the United States refers to submarine sandwiches as “grinders”?

1.) doctor of philosophy
2.) “from the books/library of…”
3.) pachyderm
4.) a hydrant
5.) Zulu
6.) English and Gaelic
7.) troika
8.) masts
9.) its hilt
10.) ambush
11.) harem
12.) the ear
13.) diurnal
14.) all-points bulletin
15.) nail biting
16.) lien
17.) bishop
18.) Austria
19.) falsity
20.) New England

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