1.) The guillotine that took the lives of King Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, Maximilian Robespierre and others laid in what largest Parisian square?

2.) What river ranks as the longest in North America with a length of 2,341 miles?

3.) Nicknames for what Latvian capital include “Paris of the Baltic”?

4.) What African country ranks as the most populous of its continent?

5.) Named for its creator, what cylindrical map projection became the standard for nautical purposes in the 1500s with inaccuracies such as Greenland appearing disproportional?

6.) What Great Lake contain Manitoulin Island, the largest freshwater island in the world?

7.) What strait separates Tierra del Fuego from mainland Argentina?

8.) Minsk serves as the capital of what European country?

9.) Mount Elbrus serves as the tallest mountain of what continent?

10.) What name befits a coral island encircling a lagoon?

11.) What New York City borough has the largest area?

12.) What river separates Buda from Pest?

13.) What body of water separates Greece and Turkey?

14.) Indonesia comprises how many islands?

15.) What river separates Laos from Thailand?

16.) Quito serves as the capital city of what South American country?

17.) Types of what include Sirocco, Mistral and Levante?

18.) Where on Earth would one find the Bimini Road?

19.) What “D”-word refers to the belt of unpredictable winds and calms near the equator?

20.) What city serves as the capital of the Czech Republic?

1.) Place de la Concorde
2.) Missouri River
3.) Riga
4.) Nigeria
5.) Mercator Projection
6.) Lake Huron
7.) Strait of Magellan
8.) Belarus
9.) Europe
10.) an atoll
11.) Queens
12.) Danube River
13.) Aegean Sea
14.) 108 islands
15.) Mekong River
16.) Ecuador
17.) Mediterranean winds
18.) underwater
19.) doldrums
20.) Prague

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