1.) What ranks as the world’s largest landlocked country?

2.) Interstate 10 stretches from California to what U.S. state?

3.) Animal rights activists urged the town of Slaughterville, Oklahoma to change its name to what in 2004?

4.) In 1917 the United States purchased the islands of St. Croix, St. John & St. Thomas from what European country for $25 million?

5.) What oil field in Al-Ahsa Governate, Saudi Arabia, ranks as the largest conventional oil field in the world?

6.) Called “King River” in ancient times, what river rises in Tibet and flows 1,800 miles to the Arabian Sea through Pakistan?

7.) Texas has the most counties out of any U.S. state with 254. With 159 counties, what U.S. state ranks at a distant second?

8.) What “G” term refers to flat-topped underwater mountains?

9.) Cambridge Bay, Rankin Inlet, Chesterfield Inlet and Resolute all petitioned to act as the capital of what Canadian province, all of which eventually lost to Iqaluit?

10.) The Grand Coulee Dam spans what river?

11.) The capital city of what country lies closer to the Arctic Circle than any other?

12.) What continent contains the European Space Agency’s launch site?

13.) What name belongs to the southernmost tip of the African continent?

14.) Located just north of a river named for its flatness, what U.S. state has the largest sand dunes complex in the country?

15.) What river running through Cleveland, Ohio caught fire in 1969?

16.) In 1878-79 Baron Nordenskjold became the first to traverse what route along Europe and Asia’s Arctic coast?

17.) What square in New York City lies just north of 14th Street?

18.) In 1686 Edmond Halley published the first comprehensive one of what maps?

19.) What volcanic peak located 40 miles east of Portland, Oregon last erupted in 1865?

20.) What passage separates South America from Antarctica?

21.) What U.S. state contains Ghost Town in the Sky, a Wild West-themed amusement park only accessible to visitors via a 3,370 foot long chair lift?

22.) Aquidneck Island contains what historic resort city?

23.) What Oregon town named for a Civil War veteran markets using the phrase “the most exciting place to live”?

24.) What desert located in southern Israel derives its name from the Hebrew for “south”?

25.) Nicknames for what U.S. state include “the Yellowhammer State”?

26.) Germany’s tallest peak, Zugspitze lies in which mountain range of the Alps?

27.) How many feet on each side of the U.S.-Canada border must not contain trees, brush and other obstructions according to law?

28.) What major North American city sits around the mountain from which its name derives?

29.) Hot Springs, NM renamed itself in 1950 after what popular radio and television show?

30.) What city acts as the capital of American Samoa?

1.) Kazakhstan
2.) Florida
3.) Veggieville, OK
4.) Denmark
5.) Ghawar Field
6.) Indus River
7.) Georgia
8.) guyots
9.) Nunavut
10.) Columbia River
11.) Iceland
12.) South America
13.) Cape Agulhas
14.) Nebraska
15.) Cuyahoga River
16.) Northeast Passage
17.) Union Square
18.) weather map
19.) Mount Hood
20.) Drake Passage
21.) North Carolina
22.) Newport
23.) Boring, OR
24.) Negev
25.) Alabama
26.) the Bavarian Alps
27.) 10 feet
28.) Montréal, Canada
29.) Truth or Consequences, NM
30.) Pago Pago

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