1.) A regulation tennis court measures from baseline to baseline at what length in feet?

2.) What Pope shared his name with the name the Pittsburgh Pirates used for the 1890 season?

3.) Fanny Sunesson carried whose golf bag in 1990 when she became the first woman to caddy a golfer to victory in a major professional championship?

4.) What 1924 change in the design of the football made it possible for players to throw spiral passes?

5.) What famously-aggressive baseball player saw ejection from every base – including home plate – in a single game in 1970?

6.) What NHL team went by the name “St. Patricks” from 1919 until 1927?

7.) As of March 2013, what school has the most appearances in the NCAA Men’s Tournament without reaching the Final Four?

8.) An Olympic field hockey game takes how many minutes?

9.) The name “Colorado Rockies” once belonged to what current NHL teams?

10.) What NHL team won the Stanley Cup before the 2004-05 lockout?

11.) On April 18th, 2013, the NBA franchise formerly known as the New Orleans Hornets officially changed their name to what?

12.) What 1960s Australian tennis star had a left arm described by Arthur Ashe as “a two-by-four with freckles”?

13.) Located in McKenzie, Tennessee, Bethel University began offering athletic scholarships in 2010 for what outdoor recreational sport?

14.) What U.S. city hosted the Green Sox baseball team for just over a month?

15.) Who won the 2013 Tour de France?

16.) What WWE wrestler became the first ever to come out of the closet while still signed to a major promotion on August 15th, 2013?

17.) Dennis Rodman wore what jersey number during his stint with the Chicago Bulls?

18.) What first name belonged to Cy Young?

19.) Who ranks as the first athlete to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine, gracing the January 2001 edition?

20.) As of October 2013, what U.S. city features an MLB team and an NFL team sharing a stadium?

21.) On October 15th, 2013 what national soccer team clinched its first-ever trip to the World Cup?

22.) Complete the following analogy.
WWE : WrestleMania :: TNA : _____________

23.) Nicknames for what 1930 sports feat include the Impregnable Quadrilateral?

24.) The only case of boycotting the Winter Olympic Games, what country boycotted the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, NY due to a dispute over the country’s name?

25.) NBC and its affiliates have had exclusive broadcast rights to the Olympic Games in the United States since what Olympic year, the last year CBS and TNT had the rights?

26.) What U.S. state lists jousting as its official state sport?

27.) Nicknames for what 1970s NHL player included “The Hammer”?

28.) How many NBA teams have five letters in their names as of December 2013?

29.) The term “chukka” refers to a timed segment of what sport?

30.) What former MLB player has the best career batting average?

1.) 78 feet
2.) Innocent
3.) Nick Faldo
4.) internal inflation valve
5.) Lou Piniella
6.) Toronto Maple Leafs
7.) Brigham Young University
8.) 70 minutes
9.) New Jersey Devils
10.) Tampa Bay Lightning
11.) New Orleans Pelicans
12.) Rod Laver
13.) competitive bass fishing
14.) Chicago, IL
15.) Chris Froome
16.) Darren Young
17.) No. 91
18.) Denton
19.) Marion Jones
20.) Oakland, CA
21.) Bosnia and Herzegovina
22.) Bound for Glory
23.) Bobby Jones’ grand slam of golf
24.) Taiwan
25.) 1998
26.) Maryland
27.) Dave Schultz
28.) six NBA teams
29.) polo
30.) Ty Cobb

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