1.) Daddy Warbucks adopted what musical’s titular character?

2.) What Andrew Lloyd Webber musical sees naïve singer Christine Daaé seduced by a disfigured musical genius?

3.) What is Patricia Reichardt better known as in the Peanuts cartoon strips?

4.) The acronym M*A*S*H comprises what four words when referring to the film and television series?

5.) Hilary Swank’s character partakes in what sport in the 2004 film Million Dollar Baby?

6.) Shrek marries what princess in his titular series of films?

7.) What actor played Lester Burnham in the 1999 film American Beauty?

8.) What film icon debuted with his girlfriend in the 1928 film Steamboat Willie?

9.) Critics considered what 1960s Oscar-winning film a contemporary adaptation of George Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion: A Romance in Five Acts?

10.) What former President of the United States once wore a Nazi uniform in a film?

11.) After 25 years on the air, what long-running television show aired its final episode – its 4,561st – on March 25th, 2011?

12.) A bust of what playwright disguises Batman’s bat-phone?

13.) Airing on July 1st, 1941, the first television advertisement promoted what product?

14.) Who co-hosted American Idol with Ryan Seacrest in its inaugural season?

15.) What sitcom most often preceded The Bob Newhart Show during its six-year run on CBS?

16.) What museum draws thousands of visitors to Cleveland, Ohio since it opened in 1995?

17.) What disco spin-off dance gave Van McCoy his biggest hit?

18.) What music legend debuted on radio with his first single “That’s All Right” on July 7th, 1954?

19.) What orchestral drums comprise skin stretched over a large bowl commonly made of copper?

20.) Most standard guitars feature how many strings?

1.) Annie
2.) The Phantom of the Opera
3.) Peppermint Patty
4.) Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
5.) boxing
6.) Fiona
7.) Kevin Spacey
8.) Mickey Mouse
9.) My Fair Lady
10.) Ronald Reagan
11.) The Oprah Winfrey Show
12.) William Shakespeare
13.) a clock
14.) Brian Dunkleman
15.) The Mary Tyler Moore Show
16.) The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
17.) “The Hustle”
18.) Elvis Presley
19.) timpani or kettledrums
20.) six

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