1.) What volcano ranks as the world’s largest?

2.) What desert surrounds Las Vegas, Nevada?

3.) The name of what Spanish-speaking country refers to its position on the Equator?

4.) Nicknames for what iconic route included “the Will Rogers Highway”?

5.) What strait links the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean?

6.) What iconic Japanese volcano last erupted in 1707?

7.) What nickname belongs to the circle of volcanoes around the Pacific basin?

8.) What U.S. city houses the headquarters of the United Nations?

9.) What name befits the deepest canyons in the ocean?

10.) What word describes Danish coastal valleys shaped by glaciers and partially filled by the sea?

11.) Earth contains approximately nine million cubic miles of ice; most of this ice accumulates where?

12.) What large area of freshwater swamps attracts tourists to Florida?

13.) What collective name belongs to the islands at the tip of the Florida peninsula?

14.) Christopher Columbus claimed what Italian city as his birthplace?

15.) The borders of what country contain Corinth, a city that lent its name to both currants and a canal?

16.) A mountain’s snowline occurs where with respect to its timberline?

17.) The parents of an American known as a Nisei hail from what country?

18.) Bowl-shaped hollows known as kettle holes resulted from what?

19.) The Coral, Tasman, Timor and Arafura Seas surround what continent?

20.) What international airport serves Chicago, Illinois?

1.) Mauna Loa
2.) the Mojave Desert
3.) Ecuador
4.) Route 66
5.) the Strait of Gibraltar
6.) Mt. Fuji
7.)  the Ring of Fire
8.) New York City
9.) trenches
10.) fjords
11.) Antarctica
12.) the Everglades
13.) the Florida Keys
14.) Genoa
15.) Greece
16.) higher than the timberline
17.) Japan
18.) melting glaciers
19.) Oceania
20.) O’Hare International Airport

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