1.) In 1975 what future Nobel Prize winner became the first black Anglican dean of Johannesburg?

2.) The nickname “the steel-driving man” befit what American folk hero?

3.) What father of Joseph provided him with a coat of many colors?

4.) What Biblical figure said “Don’t you fear God?  We are getting what our deeds deserve but this man has done nothing wrong.  Jesus, remember me…“?

5.) St. Patrick allegedly founded more than 300 churches and administered what sacrament to 120,000 people?

6.) Because no weaopn could pierce its skin, Hercules had to labor to kill what animal via strangulation?

7.) What definition befits Hosanna, the word shouted by the crowds that greeted Jesus on his triumphant entry into Jerusalem?

8.) What Biblical figure said, “Intreat the Lord, that he may take away the frogs from me“?

9.) Oedipus and Jocasta – his mother – parented what woman?

10.) Translated as “thanksgiving” from Greek, what name belongs to Holy Communion despite the word never appearing in the New Testament?

11.) Whose Song says, “the vines [with] the tender grape [give] a good smell”?

12.) According to Greek mythology, Zeus broke off the horn of the goat Amalthea, granting it divine power and leading it to become what?

13.) Many associate what fruit with Indian folklore and religious ceremonies?

14.) Cain asked God what five-word question in Genesis 4:9 when asked of Abel’s whereabouts?

15.) The Westboro Baptist Church hails from what U.S. city?

16.) Pandora’s box contained only what after someone opened it?

17.) As of December 2015, scientists have only named what planet in our solar system after a Greek mythological figure?

18.) What Norse god wields the spear Gunguir?

19.) The phrase “swords to plowshares” originates from what Book of the Old Testament?

20.) The fictional horse Widowmaker belonged to what cowboy of legend?

1.) Desmond Tutu
2.) John Henry
3.) Jacob
4.) the thief on the cross
5.) baptism
6.) the Nemean Lion
7.) “savior”
8.) the pharaoh
9.) Antigone
10.) Eucharist
11.) the Song of Solomon
12.) cornucopia
13.) mango
14.) “Am I my brother’s keeper?”
15.) Topeka, KS
16.) Hope
17.) Uranus
18.) Odin
19.) Book of Isaiah
20.) Pecos Bill

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