1.) Also referred to as European Early Modern Humans, what informal term describes the first early modern humans of the European Upper Paleolithic and stems from the name of a large cave in France?

2.) Linguists added what letter to the English alphabet after all the others?

3.) Dr. Samuel Johnson published the first example of what in the English language?

4.) A deltiologist collects what?

5.) The term “fishmonger” describes a man that sells fish. What term describes a woman that sells fish?

6.) A wainwright makes what?

7.) The United States Department of Defense refers to what tool as a “manually-powered fastener-driving impact device”?

8.) What word in the English language has two different definitions depending on the capitalization of the first letter?

9.) What country has Dutch speakers called the Flemish, French speakers called Walloons and a small group of those that speak German?

10.) The British term “courgette” refers to what vegetable?

11.) What palindromic word means “municipal”?

12.) The teeth of what animal gave rise to the expression “long in the tooth” to describe someone past his or her prime?

13.) What “M” Sanskrit term befits a “great king”?

14.) Sequoya created what Native American alphabet containing 85 symbols in the early 1800s?

15.) The names of how many U.S. states end with “A”?

16.) What “M”-word meaning “gruesome” stems from the deaths of the leaders of a Jewish revolt in the 100s B.C.?

17.) Coined by the chemist J.B. van Helmont, the word “gas” comes from what Greek word meaning “unformed mass”?

18.) What word from the Arabic for “storehouse” first referred to a monthly storehouse of information in 1731?

19.) The old British term “merrythought” referred to what part of a chicken?

20.) The first Greek philosophers tried to understand the universe by practicing what “-ology” whose name stems from the Greek for “order”?

1.) Cro-Magnon
2.) J
3.) dictionary
4.) postcards
5.) fishwife
6.) wagons and wagon wheels
7.) hammer
8.) polish/Polish
9.) Belgium
10.) zucchini
11.) civil
12.) horse
13.) maharaja
14.) Cherokee
15.) 21 U.S. states
16.) macabre
17.) chaos
18.) magazine
19.) its wishbone
20.) cosmology

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