1.) A standard double-six set of dominoes contains how many pips?

2.) An NFL player as of July 2013, what former collegiate quarterback graced the cover of NCAA Football 14?

3.) The object of what board game entails solving an opponent’s code in fewer turns than it takes the opponent to do so and involves using code pegs in six different colors and key pegs in red and white?

4.) The object of what board game entails moving all four pieces around the board and onto a central home point with 12 of the 68 squares marked as safe?

5.) The object of what board game entails acquiring the largest fortune in paintings and cash at the end of the game?

6.) The first toy commercial on United States national television marketed what toy?

7.) What U.S. state contains Knott’s Berry Farm?

8.) Trivial Pursuit features an Arts & Literature wedge of what color?

9.) The board game Clue features a victim with what last name?

10.) The Sony PlayStation debuted in what year?

11.) The Lego company patented its Lego brick design in what year?

12.) Corkscrew – the  first “modern” roller coaster with two inversions – opened in Knott’s Berry Farm in what year?

13.) What company produced Cabbage Patch Kids until 1988?

14.) The oche line sits 2.369 meters from the target in what game?

15.) In 2008 the center square of a standard Scrabble board changed from what color?

16.) In 1994 Chinook became the first computer program to win the world champion title in a competition against humans in what game?

17.) Most experts cite what year as the beginning of the widespread popularity of Sudoku in the United States?

18.) Furby debuted in what year?

19.) Scrabble based the frequency of each of its letter tiles on the frequency at which each letter appears in English words with the exception of what letter whose frequency Scrabble changed to make the game “more playable”?

20.) The 1999 50th Anniversary Edition of Clue added what additional murder weapon?

1.) 168 pips
2.) Denard Robinson
3.) Mastermind
4.) Parcheesi
5.) Masterpiece
6.) Mr. Potato Head
7.) California
8.) brown
9.) Boddy
10.) 1994
11.) 1958
12.) 1975
13.) Coleco
14.) darts
15.) pink
16.) checkers
17.) 2005
18.) 1998
19.) S
20.) bottle of poison

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