1.) Edgar Degas most commonly featured what sport in his paintings?

2.) What famous Dutch painter’s Irises and Portrait of Dr. Gachet have each held the record for the most money ever paid for a single painting?

3.) Workers shipped the Statue of Liberty – disassembled into 350 pieces – to the United States from France in 1885 in how many crates?

4.) How many stories constitute the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

5.) Crayola crayons debuted in what decade?

6.) Eventually replaced in 1978, the original Hollywoodland sign debuted on Mount Lee in what year?

7.) Sculptures of several figures including Moses, Confucius, Solon and William Howard Taft sit outside the entrance of what Washington, D.C. building?

8.) The so-called “Rocky steps” lead to what building?

9.) Measuring 2,036 feet tall, the world’s tallest supported structure exists in North Dakota and serves what primary purpose?

10.) Frederic Bartholdi originally wanted the Statue of Liberty placed where?

11.) Who painted Girl with a Pearl Earring?

12.) What Italian artist completed Fortitude in 1470?

13.) Authorities keep at least six of what type of bird inside the Tower of London at all times?

14.) The main performance space in Carnegie Hall, the Isaac Stern Auditorium seats how many people?

15.) A riverboat captain and Nashville businessman, what man built the Union Gospel Tabernacle, the home of the Grand Ole Opry between 1943 and 1974?

16.) What giant dam stretches almost 1.5 miles wide over the Yangtze River?

17.) Iconic works from what American architectural designer include the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Museum of Chinese in America?

18.) What Finnish-American architect designed furniture including a 1948 piece called the “Womb Chair”?

19.) The lone dissenter in Norman Rockwell’s The Holdout – a painting of frustrated jurors during deliberations – holds what notable trait?

20.) note that I first asked this question in August 2013
The White House will once again feature what nod to modernity installed by the Carter administration yet removed under Ronald Reagan?

1.) horse racing
2.) Vincent van Gogh
3.) 214 crates
4.) eight stories
5.) the 1900s
6.) 1923
7.) United States Supreme Court Building
8.) Philadelphia Museum of Art
9.) television broadcasting
10.) at the Suez Canal
11.) Johannes Vermeer
12.) Sandro Botticelli
13.) ravens
14.) 2,804 people
15.) Thomas Ryman
16.) Three Gorges Dam
17.) Maya Lin
18.) Eero Saarinen
19.) only woman in the painting
20.) solar panels

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