1.) What name befits a division sign?

2.) How many pounds constitute a standard cubic-foot United States bag of cement?

3.) Udometers, pluviometers and ombrometers all measure what?

4.) Defined as “the force required to accelerate a mass of one gram at a rate of one centimeter per second squares”, what unit of force specified in the CGS system of units equals 10 micronewtons?

5.) Isaac Asimov coined what unit of measurement as the quantity of beauty required to launch one ship?

6.) The Biblical length of a cubit stems from the length of what body part?

7.) Approximately equal to one-tenth of a millimeter, what name belongs to the smallest possible distance detected by the movement of a computer mouse?

8.) The SI-derived unit of the becquerel measures what?

9.) When referring to the Cartesian coordinates, the term ordinate refers to the “x”. What term refers to the “y”?

10.) What apologetic philosophy named after a French mathematician posits that humans all bet with their lives regarding the existence of God?

11.) Published by the British Home Office, the Official Table of Drops outlines the appropriate length of rope for long drop hangings. This manual states what length of rope as a requirement for hanging a 150-pound person in modern times?

12.) A caddy spoon normally measures what?

13.) The SI-derived unit “lumen” measures what quantity measuring the total “amount” of visible light emitted by a source?

14.) North American countries refer to a piece of paper measuring 8.5″ by 11″ as “letter” size. What name befits a piece of paper measuring 11″ by 17″ in North America?

15.) People originally measured a “league” as the distance typically covered in one hour by what method?

16.) Whereas the CGS system of units uses the Maxwell for the unit of magnetic flux, the SI unit of magnetic flux shares its name with what 19th-century physicist?

17.) Set by the International Organization for Standardization, what receives an integer rating known as its Sound Transmission Class?

18.) Defined as “infinite” numbers in that their values exceed those of finite numbers yet fail to reach infinity, notation for transfinite numbers use what letter of the Hebrew alphabet?

19.) The European HB continuum measures the hardness and blackness of pencil graphite. This grading system assigned what letter of the alphabet as the representation between HB and H?

20.) Both the International Commission of Stratigraphy and the geological time scale list the here-and-now as part of the Phanerozoic Eon, the Cenozoic Era, the Quarternary Period and what Epoch?

1.) an obelus
2.) 94 pounds
3.) rainfall
4.) a dyne
5.) a millihelen
6.) a forearm
7.) a mickey
8.) radioactivity
9.) abscissa
10.) Pascal’s Wager
11.) 6’7″
12.) tea leaves
13.) luminous flux
14.) ANSI B, tabloid or ledger
15.) walking
16.) Wilhelm Eduard Weber
17.) building partitions
18.) aleph
19.) F
20.) Holocene Epoch

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