1.) Heavily associated with the California Gold Rush, prospectors found gold near what river near Sutter’s Mill?

2.) What former President of the United States ranks as the only one born in Illinois?

3.) Napoleon Bonaparte resided on what island at the time of his death?

4.) What happened to the house Paul Revere rode on his famous midnight ride?

5.) Tony Blair fought to have what “F”-word removed from the Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe, a document sometimes referred to as the “European Constitution”?

6.) The Battle of the Bulge primarily occurred in what country?

7.) First published in 1975, The Green Book set out the political philosophy of what former world leader?

8.) In 1985 several members of the black liberation organization MOVE died in a fire started by police in what United States city?

9.) Alexander the Great sent what spice to the King of Persia before a battle?

10.) What name befit Adolf Hitler’s private 12-car armored train?

11.) What European country supplied American revolutionaries with gunpowder?

12.) What disease killed 20,000 Parisians in 1832?

13.) George McGovern only carried what U.S. state in the 1972 presidential election?

14.) The Mayflower carried how many passengers when it departed from Plymouth on September 6th/16th, 1620?

15.) Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” during what speech?

16.) The first Chief of the United States Forest Service, what former Governor of Pennsylvania reformed the management and development of forests in the United States?

17.) What man acted as president of the Constitutional Convention and played a major role in drawing up the Constitution?

18.) Richard Nixon made his infamous “I am not a crook” statement in what location?

19.) Neil Armstrong bestowed what name to the spot where man first touched down upon the moon?

20.) The first name Rolihlahla belonged to what world leader?

21.) Historic names for what country included “Cathay”?

22.) Rabbit Creek in the Yukon received what new name after prospectors discovered gold there and triggered the 1896 Klondike Gold Rush?

23.) What first name belonged to Julius Caesar?

24.) Who served as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from September 2001 to September 2013?

25.) What Spanish explorer and conquistador ranks as the first European documented as crossing the Mississippi River and seeking gold in the southeastern United States?

26.) The independent African countries Togo, Cameroon and Nauru all once stood as colonies of what European country?

27.) What explorer sailed up the St. Lawrence River in 1535?

28.) What king became the namesake for Charleston, South Carolina?

29.) How many people signed the Declaration of Independence?

30.) Who established the first settlement house in a poor Chicago neighborhood in 1889?

1.) American River
2.) Ronald Reagan
3.) Saint Helena
4.) the British confiscated it
5.) Freedom
6.) Belgium
7.) Muammar Gaddafi
8.) Philadelphia, PA
9.) mustard
10.) Amerika
11.) the Netherlands
12.) cholera
13.) Massachusetts
14.) 102 passengers
15.) his first inaugural address
16.) Gifford Pinchot
17.) George Washington
18.) Walt Disney World
19.) Tranquility Base
20.) Nelson Mandela
21.) China
22.) Bonanza Creek
23.) Gaius
24.) Robert Mueller
25.) Hernando de Soto
26.) Germany
27.) Jacques Cartier
28.) King Charles II of England
29.) 56 people
30.) Jane Addams

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