1.) What metal acts as the essential ingredient of a dental amalgam filling?

2.) What 1941 invention from Heinz and ICI kept troops warm during the D-Day landings?

3.) Waldo Hanchett patented the dentist’s chair in what decade?

4.) The initialism MW stands for what two words when referring to radio?

5.) Introduced in April 1982, many experts consider Bill Mogridge’s GRiD Compass 1101 the first true example of what?

6.) The molecular formula C8H10N4O2 represents what compound included in most diets?

7.) What common name befits the disease tularemia?

8.) What ranks as the first space shuttle launched by NASA?

9.) Adding what metal to gold forms the alloy white gold?

10.) A coelopterist studies what animals?

11.) What name belongs to a baby turkey?

12.) The names of most of what planet’s natural satellites hail from Shakespearean characters?

13.) What wild animals kill more people than leopards or tigers kill annually in India?

14.) What name befits a solar eclipse when the sun and moon appear exactly in line but the size of the moon appears smaller than that of the sun?

15.) The acronym CAT refers to what three words when used in the phrase “CAT Scan”?

16.) What ranks as the hardest human bone?

17.) Named after a French physicist, what specific pendulum comprises a simple device conceived as an experiment to determine the rotation of the Earth?

18.) Also referred to as a “suckerfish” or a “sharksucker”, what elongated brown fish hitches onto sharks and eats their leftovers?

19.) What Harvard dropout held 535 patents upon his death in 1991, a record second only to Thomas Edison?

20.) What astronomical term describes a straight-line configuration of any three celestial bodies in a gravitational system?

21.) Indigenous to the Rock of Gibraltar, what wild monkeys notably rank as the only ones indigenous to Europe?

22.) What protective flap covers the gills of a fish?

23.) The name of what central body of the sun stems from the Greek for “light ball”?

24.) The flight of what bird inspired the Wright Brothers to develop a wing warping system for maneuvering and banking aircraft?

25.) The fastest dragonfly can fly at what speed?

26.) What bone in the human body lacks a connection with any other bone?

27.) Wombat droppings resemble what shape?

28.) Where should a gardener place a psammophilic plant?

29.) What planet features a huge storm system known as the Great Dark Spot?

30.) Ancient astronomers referred to what constellation as the “dragon’s wing”?

1.) mercury
2.) the self-heating can
3.) the 1840s
4.) medium wave
5.) laptop computer
6.) caffeine
7.) rabbit fever
8.) Columbia
9.) silver
10.) beetles
11.) a poult
12.) Uranus’ natural satellites
13.) rhinoceroses
14.) an annular eclipse
15.) computed axial tomography
16.) mandible
17.) a Foucault pendulum
18.) remora
19.) Edwin Land
20.) a syzygy
21.) Barbary macaques
22.) operculum
23.) lithosphere
24.) buzzard
25.) 38 miles per hour
26.) the hyoid
27.) cubes
28.) in sand or sandy soil
29.) Neptune
30.) Ursa minor

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