1.) To the nearest foot, the average human small intestine measures at what length?

2.) The first letter from each of what five words constitute acronym PLUTO when referring to the oil industry?

3.) The United States conducted its first and only nuclear artillery test in what U.S. state in 1953?

4.) What metal constitutes most of a penny?

5.) How many of the five dwarf planets in our solar system consistently orbit inside the orbit of Neptune?

6.) A giant squid features how many appendages?

7.) The name “ambush” refers to what group of jungle animals?

8.) What country produced space travelers known as taikonauts?

9.) Olympus Mons represents the largest volcano in what location?

10.) What lunar phase occurs when more than half of the moon – but less than a full moon – appears in the sky?

11.) Most scholars credit Joseph Henry with the invention of what in 1831?

12.) The name of what disease stems from the medieval Italian for “bad air”?

13.) An orthopedic doctor treats what part of the human body?

14.) What mammal possesses fingerprints closest in shape to those of humans to the point where they appear relatively identical under an electron microscope?

15.) The definition of what metal reads as “a ferrous alloy with a minimum 10% chromium content”?

16.) Nobel Peace Prize creator Alfred Nobel invented what?

17.) Leo Gerstenzang invented Q-tips in what year?

18.) Which one of Snow White’s seven dwarfs most likely suffers from aphasia?

19.) Tails that can grasp or hold objects go by what name?

20.) What sieve-like structure sits in the upper jaw of a plankton-eating whale?

1.) 17 feet
2.) Pipe-Lines Under the Ocean
3.) Nevada
4.) zinc
5.) one
6.) 10
7.) tigers
8.) China
9.) Mars
10.) gibbous
11.) the telegraph
12.) malaria
13.) its bones
14.) koala
15.) stainless steel
16.) dynamite
17.) 1923
18.) Dopey
19.) prehensile tails
20.) baleen

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