1.) The source material for what musical includes a series of children’s books by P.L. Travers?

2.) The musical Cats lasted how long on Broadway?

3.) Who became a major star after dropping out from a scheduled world tour as one of Janet Jackson’s backup dancers?

4.) What musical’s primary male character ends many sentences with the verbal tic “et cetera, et cetera, et cetera“?

5.) The name of what popular 1960s dance stems from that of a Rwandese and Burundian tribe?

6.) Many sources claim Popeye as what age?

7.) One of his “signature phrases”, what four-word phrase constitutes the etching into the marble steps leading to Jackie Gleason’s grave?

8.) The iconic Disneyland castle modeled itself after the castle from what animated film?

9.) Vivien Leigh played Blanche DuBois in what 1951 Oscar-winning film?

10.) Tom Cruise portrayed Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg – the German military offer executed after leading an attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler – in what 2008 film?

11.) Elwood only removes what three times in The Blues Brothers?

12.) Settings for what 1993 blockbuster film include Isla Nublar near Costa Rica?

13.) What man originally hosted Jeopardy!?

14.) What woman provided the voice for Maggie Simpson’s first word, a word that no one in her family heard her say?

15.) When television crew members “sweeten” a program, they add what?

16.) What surname belongs to Kenny from South Park?

17.) Rachel became a buyer for what fashion company on Friends after leaving Bloomingdale’s?

18.) Mr. Peabody and his pet boy Sherman use what device to travel through time?

19.) Richard Starkey goes by what stage name?

20.) What rock band set precedence by issuing two full-length albums on the same day in 1991?

1.) Mary Poppins
2.) 18 years
3.) Jennifer Lopez
4.) The King & I
5.) the Watusi
6.) 34 years old
7.) “And Away We Go”
8.) Sleeping Beauty
9.) A Streetcar Named Desire
10.) Valkyrie
11.) his hat
12.) Jurassic Park
13.) Art Fleming
14.) Elizabeth Taylor
15.) a laugh track
16.) McCormick
17.) Ralph Lauren
18.) the WABAC Machine
19.) Ringo Starr
20.) Guns N’ Roses

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