1.) Complete the following equation: x = 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 * 0

2.) A mile comprises how many yards?

3.) What system of arithmetic features correct math problems such as “1 + 1 = 10”?

4.) The Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales match at what quantity?

5.) What “T” word geometrically describes a doughnut shape?

6.) What name represents the symbol for a square root?

7.) The written form of what number consists of a one followed by 100 zeroes?

8.) The hottest temperature ever recorded in North America, Death Valley, California reached what temperature in 1913?

9.) What triangle features sides of three different lengths?

10.) 100 meters equals one what?

11.) What country invented the metric system?

12.) What name befits any line connecting any two points on a circle – the longest of which being the diameter?

13.) Write the number 94 in Roman numerals.

14.) Authorities established what unit of measurement in 1795 as one 10 millionth of the distance between the North Pole and the Equator?

15.) A rhombicuboctahedron features how many sides?

16.) A hole measuring one yard long, one yard wide and one yard deep contains how many cubic feet of earth?

17.) A perfect game of bowling results in what amount of points per pin knocked down by the player?

18.) A French city lent its name to what system of weight used with precious metals in which 12 ounces equals one pound?

19.) Dynamometers measure what?

20.) What kind of number features factors that sum to itself?

1.) 9
2.) 1,760 yd
3.) binary
4.) -40º
5.) a torus
6.) a radical sign
7.) a googol
8.) 134ºF
9.) a scalene triangle
10.) one hectometer
11.) France
12.) a chord
13.) XCIV
14.) a meter
15.) 26 sides
16.) 0 cu. ft.
17.) 2.5 points per pin
18.) Troy weight
19.) force, power or torque
20.) a perfect number

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