1.) Algerian priest Pierre Clément created what fruit in 1902?

2.) The sturgeon produces what valuable product?

3.) What beverage comprises ginger ale, grenadine and a cherry?

4.) The capital city of Belgium lent its name to that of what vegetable?

5.) Grand Marnier liqueur possesses what flavor?

6.) Vodka comes from fermenting what?

7.) The label for Guinness includes what musical instrument?

8.) A traditional Greek salad includes what cheese?

9.) What soft drink debuted in Waco, Texas in the 1880s?

10.) Alternate names for what garden vegetable inclide the green Italian squash?

11.) What fast-food chain sold its precooked frozen burgers in grocery stores before any other chain?

12.) California roll sushi traditionally contains, crab, cucumber and what fruit?

13.) What name belongs to Japan’s most popular rice wine?

14.) Chick-fil-A stores remain closed on what day of the week?

15.) Potatoes O’Brien comprises potatoes, onions and what other vegetable?

16.) What country produces approximately 33% of the world’s wine in regions such as Burgundy and Champagne?

17.) Campbell’s touts what as its best-selling variety of soup?

18.) Sometimes referring to a process enacted upon harbors, what term refers to coating food with a dry ingredient such as flour?

19.) Varieties of what vegetable include SIlver Queen, Early Sunglow and Butter and Sugar?

20.) In 1887 Wilhlm Hasse of the Moctezuma Brewery created his Siglo XX beer, a beverage currently known by what name?

1.) the clementine
2.) caviar
3.) a Shirley Temple
4.) Brussels sprouts
5.) orange flavor
6.) potatoes
7.) a harp
8.) feta cheese
9.) Dr Pepper
10.) zucchini
11.) White Castle
12.) avocado
13.) sake
14.) Sunday
15.) peppers
16.) France
17.) tomato soup
18.) dredging
19.) corn
20.) Dos Equis

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