(B.F.E. stands for “Business, Finance & Economy”.)

1.) What company uses the stock ticker symbol HOG?

2.) What country originally produced BMW automobiles?

3.) Developer of the world’s best-selling instant-print camera, Edwin Land founded what company?

4.) Marine biologists cite the commercial fishing of what species of fish as directly related to the deaths of thousands of dolphins annually?

5.) The logo for what florist organization includes the Roman god Mercury?

6.) The indoor shopping mall debuted in what country?

7.) What designer perfume launched of the fifth day of the fifth month of 1921?

8.) What company leads the United States in the production of school supplies such as wire-bound notebooks?

9.) A term often attributed to humorist Will Rogers, what economics term refers to the idea that tax breaks or other economic benefits provided by government to businesses and the wealthy will benefit poorer members of society by improving the economy as a whole?

10.) Where in Asia would one most likely see rice paddies: northern Asia or southern Asia?

11.) Walmart originated in what U.S. state?

12.) Most Heinz products feature what number on their labels?

13.) Japan uses what unit of currency?

14.) Sanrio designed what popular feline-inspired character?

15.) What European country located on the North Sea uses hydropower for its own electricity while producing more oil and gas than any other European country?

16.) What commodity accounts for almost 75% of exports from Iceland?

17.) What American chain of discount stores became the largest retailer in the United States’ history to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on January 22nd, 2013?

18.) Featuring a fleet of vehicles including the Verano, the Enclave and the Lacrosse, what car manufacturer introduced the Encore to its fleet in late 2012?

19.) Ears of wheat appeared on the reverse side of what American coin from 1909 to 1958?

20.) The American Family Life Assurance Company adopted what new name in 1992?

1.) Harley-Davidson
2.) Germany
3.) Polaroid
4.) tuna
5.) FTD Florists
6.) United States of America
7.) Chanel No. 5
8.) Mead
9.) trickle-down economics
10.) southern Asia
11.) Arkansas
12.) 57
13.) the yen
14.) Hello Kitty
15.) Norway
16.) fish
17.) Kmart
18.) Buick
19.) the penny
20.) Aflac

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