1.) Marc Chagall designed stained-glass windows for what diplomatic center?

2.) Where would someone place a keystone in the construction of an arch?

3.) What European city boasts Antoni Gaudi’s spectacular-yet-unfinished Sagrada Familia church?

4.) What $15 billion tunnel ranked as the largest privately-financed engineering project in history?

5.) What domestic art features prairie points, wave panels and cathedral windows?

6.) Vincent van Gogh most often painted what species of flowers?

7.) Pablo Picasso hailed from what country?

8.) Translated literally as “wind-water”, what traditional belief sometimes applies to the design and furniture layout of hotels and offices?

9.) What building formerly went by the name Mission San Antonio de Valero?

10.) What artist’s Impressionist Sunrise gave its name to the entire Impressionist movement?

11.) Fort McHenry appears as what geometric shape from above?

12.) Alternate names for what painting include La Gioconda?

13.) Rembrandt van Rijn depicted what man in almost 100 of his paintings, drawings and etchings?

14.) Frank Lloyd Wright designed what museum in New York City established in 1937?

15.) What great Renaissance artist designed the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Italy?

16.) In 1930 the Chrysler Building surpassed what overseas structure by over 60 feet to become to the world’s tallest?

17.) Reigning from 1368 to 1644, what Chinese dynasty produced beautiful vases?

18.) What military group founded in 1802 surveys roads and canals, builds lighthouses and maps navigation channels?

19.) What structure finally stabilized in May 2008 after more than 700 years of slow movement?

20.) Famous for the two lion statues flanking its entrance, what New York City building opened on May 23rd, 1911?

1.) the Headquarters of the United Nations
2.) in the middle at the top
3.) Barcelona, Spain
4.) the English Channel
5.) quilting
6.) sunflowers
7.) Spain
8.) feng shui
9.) the Alamo
10.) Claude Monet’s
11.) a five-pointed star
12.) the Mona Lisa
13.) Rembrandt van Rijn (himself)
14.) the Guggenheim Museum
15.) Michelangelo
16.) the Eiffel Tower
17.) the Ming Dynasty
18.) the United States Army Corps or Engineers
19.) the Leaning Tower of Pisa
20.) the New York Public Library

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