1.) Odontophobia entails the fear of what?

2.) Military speak refers to what as an aerodynamic personnel decelerator?

3.) The names of how many months end in “-ember”?

4.) The initialism MSRP refers to what four words?

5.) “Gilding” something entails covering it in a thin layer of what?

6.) Committing fratricide entails killing what person?

7.) What foreign language provided English with words such as kindergartenhinterlanddelicatessen and waltz?

8.) The initialism MP refers to what two words in the armed forces?

9.) In 1828 who published the first American dictionary?

10.) What language provided English with the initialism R.S.V.P.?

11.) What “G” term refers to a list of words and their meanings?

12.) What word represents the plural form of “louse”?

13.) Both “Minnesota” and “Minneapolis” stem from a Sioux word for what?

14.) Which of the eight planets in the solar system comes first alphabetically?

15.) Commonly abbreviated to fo’c’s’le, what nautical term refers to the forward upper deck of a sailing ship?

16.) The name of what U.S. state contains a diacritical mark when spelled officially?

17.) A person feeling “concupiscent” feels in what manner?

18.) Often yelled by Japanese forces during World War II, what word translates to “may you live 10,000 years”?

19.) Syntax, morphology, semantics and phonology all represent subareas of what area of social science?

20.) Britons refer to what part of a car as its “bonnet”?

1.) teeth
2.) a parachute
3.) three months
4.) Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price
5.) gold
6.) one’s brother or sister
7.) German
8.) military police
9.) Noah Webster
10.) French
11.) glossary
12.) lice
13.) water
14.) Earth
15.) forecastle
16.) Hawaii
17.) horny/aroused
18.) banzai
19.) linguistics
20.) its hood

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