1.) An archer must stand at what distance from a target according to Olympic archery rules?

2.) What Georgia golf club hosts the U.S. Masters?

3.) What downhill skiing term refers to a mound of snow on the course?

4.) A golfer traditionally uses what type of club for a long fairway shot?

5.) As of December 2015, how many current Major League Baseball teams share names with birds?

6.) Nicknames for what former NASCAR racer included “The Intimidator”?

7.) Bobby Orr and Gordie Howe partook in what sport?

8.) What sport requires a participant to throw his opponent out of a “dohyo”?

9.) Michael Jordan played for how many different NBA teams during his career?

10.) Jackie Robinson played for what Major League Baseball team in 1947?

11.) What maximum number of players should stand on a basketball court at any given time during play?

12.) A golfer most often uses what type of club for high-angle shots in an attempt to place his balls on the green?

13.) What term refers to scoring three times in one NHL game?

14.) Early gymnasts vaulted over what animal?

15.) What South American country won the World Cup five times?

16.) What Olympic throwing object weighs 16 pounds for men but fewer than nine pounds for women?

17.) What country has won the most Olympic basketball titles?

18.) Surfing or snowboarding with a “goofy” stance entails what?

19.) Officials almost banished what Olympic field sport outside of arenas on safety grounds until the 1986 redesign of the titular projectile?

20.) The title “fastest man in the world” refers to the fastest time in what Olympic event?

1.) 70 meters
2.) Augusta National Golf Club
3.) mogul
4.) a wood
5.) three teams (Baltimore Orioles; Toronto Blue Jays; St. Louis Cardinals)
6.) Dale Earnhardt
7.) ice hockey
8.) sumo wrestling
9.) two teams (Chicago Bulls; Washington Wizards)
10.) Brooklyn Dodgers
11.) 10 players
12.) a wedge
13.) a hat trick
14.) a horse
15.) Brazil
16.) shot
17.) United States
18.) right foot in front; left foot in back
19.) javelin
20.) 100-meter dash

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