1.) The acronym RADAR refers to what three words?

2.) The alleged largest predator to ever exist on Earth, the now-extinct Megalodon represents what type of creature?

3.) Scientists discovered and named what vitamin in 1917 before any other?

4.) The average African black rhinoceros possesses how many horns?

5.) Scientists may determine a fish’s age based on its growth rings located where on its body?

6.) What disease can be treated with a hormone found in the toxic saliva of the giant Gila monster?

7.) Dentists classify an elephant’s tusks as what kind of teeth?

8.) Ceres received what classification before its designation as a minor planet in 2006?

9.) What type of cloud sits at a higher elevation than any other?

10.) Who ranks as the first American in space?

11.) Nicknames for what Dutch scientist, whose contributions include improvement of the microscope and observation of single-celled organisms, include “The Father of Microbiology”?

12.) Most people refer to the affliction known as epistaxis by what name?

13.) What continent has yielded evidence of the earliest dinosaurs?

14.) What bodily fluid naturally contains the powerful vasoconstrictor serotonin?

15.) China, Japan and Mongolia commonly use cormorants and shags (birds) for what purpose?

16.) Baacteria and other small organisms enrich soil over time by forming a substance known as what?

17.) What type of compass employs a spinning mechanism that responds to the Earth’s rotation in order to indicate true north?

18.) A Plymouth Rock represents what species of animal?

19.) The hole in the ozone layer sits above what continent?

20.) What scientific term describes the growth of a plant toward a light source?

1.) radio and ranging
2.) shark
3.) vitamin A
4.) two horns
5.) its ears
6.) type II diabetes
7.) incisors
8.) asteroid
9.) cirrus clouds
10.) Alan Shepard
11.) Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
12.) nose bleed
13.) South America
14.) blood
15.) fishing
16.) humus
17.) gyroscopic compass
18.) a chicken
19.) Antarctica
20.) phototropism

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