1.) A byte comprises how many bits?

2.) A United States barrel of oil comprises how many gallons?

3.) A gill comprises how many ounces?

4.) 4πr^2 represents the surface area of what geometric shape?

5.) What mathematical term beginning with “A” refers to a line or curve that, when tending to infinity, arbitrarily approaches a given curve but never touches it?

6.) A metric ton comprises how many kilograms?

7.) A stone comprise how many pounds?

8.) A bale of cotton comprises how many pounds?

9.) The Fujita scale measures what?

10.) The original definition of a pound described 7,000 of what grain in the United States?

11.) What amount equals 1/32 of a teaspoon?

12.) What name befits the size or cargo carrying capacity of a ship?

13.) SI denotes what as the unit of quantity for electric charge?

14.) Akin to thread count, mommes represent units of weight traditionally used to measure the surface density of what textile?

15.) What two-letter symbol represents a curie?

16.) What unit of measurement shares its name with an alternative name for the snow leopard?

17.) Named after an English mathematician, what subarea of algebra uses the truth values “true” and “false” as its variables?

18.) A Brannock Device measures what on a human?

19.) Also the name of the largest European engineering company, SI lists what as the unit for electrical conductance?

20.) One of the largest known galaxies in the universe, scientists record the size of the Milky Way Galaxy as either 100,000 ly or 31,000 pc. Name what each of these two units means.

1.) eight bits
2.) 42 gallons
3.) four ounces
4.) a sphere
5.) asymptote
6.) 1,000 kg
7.) 14 lb.
8.) 480 lb.
9.) tornadoes
10.) barleycorn
11.) a smidgen
12.) tonnage
13.) coulomb
14.) silk
15.) Ci
16.) an ounce
17.) Boolean algebra
18.) foot size or shoe size
19.) siemens
20.) light-year and parsec

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