1.) The remains of what President of the United States lay in Washington, D.C.?

2.) What President of the United States signed the bill that made Martin Luther King, Jr. Day a federal holiday?

3.) What southeast Asian country ranks as the only one never ruled by a European power?

4.) Mark Antony married Cleopatra while already married to what woman?

5.) What famous man announced at the Berlin Wall “Ich bin ein Berliner”?

6.) Thailand went by what four-letter name prior to 1949?

7.) Who reached the summit of Mount Everest in 1953 with Tenzing Norgay?

8.) As a young man, what President of the United States served as an armed guard for park rangers distributing food to bears in Yellowstone National Park?

9.) Europeans first settled in what Canadian province?

10.) Moctezuma welcomed Hernan Cortés in what ancient Aztec city?

11.) How many states formed the Confederate States of America?

12.) Abraham Lincoln famously debated what man while campaigning in Illinois for Senator?

13.) What African country once went by the name Abyssinia?

14.) Did Americans win the Battle of Bunker Hill?

15.) How many permanent members constitute the United Nations Security Council?

16.) Former Israeli prime minister Golda Meir came from what Wisconsin city?

17.) In 1846 the United States and England set the northernmost contiguous United States boundary at what parallel?

18.) Cyrus the Great founded what Middle Eastern empire?

19.) The republic of Singapore became part of what bordering country in 1963 only to secede from it two years later?

20.) Who commanded the U.S. Army in World War I?

1.) Woodrow Wilson
2.) Ronald Reagan
3.) Thailand
4.) Octavia Minor
5.) John F. Kennedy
6.) Siam
7.) Sir Edmund Hillary
8.) Gerald Ford
9.) Newfoundland
10.) Tenochtitlan
11.) 11 states
12.) Stephen A. Douglas
13.) Ethiopia
14.) no
15.) five permanent members
16.) Milwaukee, WI
17.) the 49th parallel
18.) Persian empire
19.) Malaysia
20.) General John J. Pershing

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