1.) Constituents voted “nuclear warfare” as the most terrifying thing known to mankind in a 2003 poll. What device patented by George Green in 1875 placed second?

2.) What name belongs to the mechanical semi-automatic device that harvests crops?

3.) The average lobster has how many legs?

4.) Nicknamed “the father of modern chemistry”, what French scientist named both hydrogen and oxygen?

5.) A reptile undertakes what process when it “brumates”?

6.) What process entails a solid turning to a gas without first entering a liquid state?

7.) What scientist assigned atomic numbers to the elements?

8.) Bauxite ore acts as the main source for what metal?

9.) A person would most likely see what kind of tide at the seashore during a full moon?

10.) The longest gestation period of any animal belongs to the Alpine black salamander. How many months constitute this gestation period?

11.) A person most likely boots from what material when accessing a computer’s B drive?

12.) What perfume ingredient comes from the intestine of the sperm whale?

13.) Also known as “brown coal”, what sulfur-rich resource acts as the primary fuel used to make electricity in eastern Europe and often causes environmental problems?

14.) What name belongs to a group of bears?

15.) What mammal has the fastest sexual intercourse with an average time of approximately three seconds per act?

16.) The average crab has how many legs?

17.) What name belongs to a doctor specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation?

18.) The average bear foot contains how many claws?

19.) What name befits a person’s second toe when longer than his big toe?

20.) What “S” term belongs to the practice of controlling the establishment, growth, composition, health and quality of forests?

21.) What animal has the longest penis in the animal kingdom with respect to its body length?

22.) Most sources credit Christian Huygens as the inventor of what device that improved clocks’ accuracy?

23.) The surface of red blood cells may possess what “Rh” factor?

24.) What “C” phylum contains over 10,000 species of animals found exclusively in aquatic and mostly marine environments, including such members as corals, sea anemones, hydrae and jellyfish?

25.) What name belongs to the group of more than 54 galaxies including the Milky Way?

26.) The names of how many chemical elements begin with “C”? (as of January 2013)

27.) A person with congenital amusia “suffers” from what?

28.) What scientist acted as the director of the Institute of Theoretical Physics in Copenhagen in 1920?

29.) Ice cream sometimes features what substance from brown algae?

30.) What scientist built the first nuclear reactor in the 1940s under the stands of the football stadium at the University of Chicago?

1.) a dentist’s electric drill
2.) reaper
3.) 10 legs
4.) Antoine Lavoisier
5.) it keeps itself in a hibernation-like state during a cold winter
6.) sublimation
7.) Henry Moseley
8.) aluminum
9.) spring tide
10.) 39 months
11.) 5 1/4″ floppy drive
12.) ambergris
13.) lignite
14.) a sloth
15.) chimpanzees
16.) 10 legs
17.) physiatrist
18.) five claws
19.) Morton’s toe
20.) silviculture
21.) barnacle
22.) pendulum
23.) rhesus factor
24.) cnidaria or coelenterata
25.) Local Group
26.) 12 chemical elements
27.) tone deafness
28.) Niels Bohr
29.) algin
30.) Enrico Fermi

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