1.) What notorious dictator claimed William Shakespeare as an Arab named Sheikh Zubeir whom immigrated to England?

2.) What U.S. state hosted a Confederate Presidential inauguration?

3.) What ship named for a parish in Madrid arguably ranks as the most famous of a fleet of Spanish ships that sank in 1622 off the Florida Keys?

4.) Who first commanded all British troops in North America?

5.) What black woman freed in 1827 spoke out against slavery before any other black woman and became notable for her elocution?

6.) What U.S. state insisted upon statewide female suffrage as a requirement for its entry into the Union, an act that led to its official state nickname of “The Equality State”?

7.) What U.S. state never cast an electoral vote for Ronald Reagan?

8.) A woman led United States troops into combat for the first time in what military conflict?

9.) The legal right to statehood of what U.S. state went before the Supreme Court?

10.) The Jamestown colony received its name from what king?

11.) The State Capitol building of what U.S. state predates the American Revolution?

12.) What South American country gained its independence from the Netherlands on November 25th, 1975?

13.) In 1766, England repealed the Stamp Act.  The following year, England passed new tax laws by what name?

14.) A kakistocracy entails what government?

15.) What American naval commander destroyed almost half the Spanish navy in the Spanish-American War?

16.) In 1888 what Western Hemisphere country became the last to abolish slavery?

17.) In 1779 the Bonhomme Richard defeated the British Serapis.  Who commanded the Bonhomme Richard?

18.) What President of the United States ran as Calvin Coolidge’s running mate in 1920?

19.) Upon learning her husband died, what woman – buried at West Point Military Academy – took over his gun and kept fighting in the American Revolution?

20.) John Glenn orbited Earth on February 20th, 1962 in what spacecraft?

21.) All 50 U.S. states officially observed Martin Luther King Day for the first time in what calendar year?

22.) The United States Department of Homeland Security officially began operation on January 24th of which year?

23.) What Amendment to the United States Constitution gave citizenship to “all persons born or naturalized in the United States”?

24.) Sachem (leader) of the Wampanoag people of present-day New England, what leader prevented the failure of Plymouth Colony and forged critical ties with colonial leaders due to a 1621 peace treaty?

25.) The former president of the United Farm Workers, what Hispanic American spent his life improving conditions for grape pickers and other migrant workers?

26.) In 1636 Thomas Hooker left Massachuetts with approximately 100 followers and founded what colony?

27.) Known as the Swamp Fox, who raided British camps in South Carolina?

28.) The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia received what name on February 4th, 2003?

29.) As Territories Committee Chair, what 19th century Midwest Senator helped draw the borders of seven territories, including those of Kansas and Nebraska?

30.) People spread soil from what historic American site on Marquis de Lafayette’s grave in Paris?

1.) Muammar Gaddafi
2.) Alabama
3.) Nuestra Senora de Atocha
4.) Thomas Gage
5.) Sojourner Truth
6.) Wyoming
7.) Minnesota
8.) the United States’ invasion of Panama in 1989
9.) West Virginia
10.) James I of England
11.) Maryland
12.) Suriname
13.) Townshend Acts
14.) a government with one of the worst of a society’s citizens in power
15.) Admiral George Dewey
16.) Brazil
17.) John Paul Jones
18.) Warren G. Harding
19.) Margaret Corbin
20.) Friendship 7
21.) 2000
22.) 2003
23.) 14th Amendment
24.) Massasoit
25.) César Chavez
26.) Connecticut
27.) Francis Marion
28.) Serbia and Montenegro (the two parts gained independence in 2006)
29.) Stephen A. Douglas
30.) Bunker Hill

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