1.) Pope John Paul II originally hailed from what country?

2.) Whose titular Book of the Bible involves him tossed overboard at his own request?

3.) What knight mistakenly killed Sir Gareth while rescuing Queen Guinevere, an action leading to the disbandment of the Round Table?

4.) Hades punished Sisyphus to undertake what action eternally?

5.) What “A” word refers to the food or drink of the Gods?

6.) King Saul would not let his people eat until they destroyed what other group?

7.) 1 Kings uses “slept with his fathers” as a euphemism for what?

8.) God promised what land to Abraham and eventually delivered it to the Israelites?

9.) Noah’s Ark contained how many people according to the King James version of the Bible?

10.) What U.S. state contains Shaker Heights Community United Church of Christ?

11.) What book contains the proverb “Physician, heal thyself”?

12.) What son of Zeus and Danae beheaded a Gorgon and wed Andromeda?

13.) What D.C. school founded in 1789 ranks as the United States’ first Catholic university?

14.) Nicknames for what second king of Israel included “the sweet singer of Israel”?

15.) Talus the bronze mechanical man protected what island by burning strangers to death?

16.) The Mormon religion began in what U.S. state?

17.) One of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, whose statue at Olympia depicts him holding a figure of Nike in his right hand?

18.) The name of what country concludes the Book of Genesis?

19.) The Bible specifies that God created what “great” mammal on the fifth day?

20.) Who birthed John the Baptist?

1.) Poland
2.) Jonah
3.) Lancelot
4.) roll a stone up a hill
5.) ambrosia
6.) the Philistines
7.) death
8.) Canaan
9.) eight people
10.) Ohio
11.) the Bible
12.) Perseus
13.) Georgetown University
14.) King David
15.) Crete
16.) New York
17.) Zeus
18.) Egypt
19.) whale
20.) Elizabeth

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