1.) A Scrabble board contains how many squares on which a tile may rest?

2.) A Canasta deck contains how many cards?

3.) A player possesses how many marbles in Chinese checkers?

4.) Each player’s army contains how many pieces in the board game Stratego?

5.) A standard Scrabble game contains how many E tiles?

6.) What board game involves capturing more beads than your opponent and winning when both your opponent has no legal move and your side empties first?

7.) The object of what board game involves using one’s stones to form territories by surrounding vacant areas of the board, with a normal board size being 19×19 lines?

8.) A face of what color sits obversely from the white side of a Rubik’s cube?

9.) The object of what board game entails answering questions correctly and being the first to reach the diploma at the head of the Final Exam classroom?

10.) Modern iterations of the board game Mouse Trap include a cage of what color?

11.) From its instructions, what board game’s goal involves being “the first team to move clockwise around the board and into the (name of game) Central, where your team will attempt its final activity for the win!”?

12.) The object of what board game as taken verbatim from its instructions involves becoming a Millionaire Tycoon and the Winner?

13.) What letter ranks as the only letter worth five points in Scrabble?

14.) In what board game will you find the characters Lizzie, Henry, Homer and Harry, four identical creatures apart from their colors?

15.) Producing mathematical roulette curves, what geometric drawing toy shares its name with an instrument for registering the depth and rapidity of respiratory movements?

16.) The goal of Stratego entails capturing a piece with what on it?

17.) What color piece represents Mrs. Peacock in Clue?

18.) Mr. Potato Head hit the American market on May 1st, 1952. In what year did the toy first come with a plastic potato?

19.) The only number meeting this criterion, the value of what number equals that of its score in Scrabble? (bonuses notwithstanding)

20.) Accounting for roughly 60% of the market, what corporation manufactures more O gauge trains than anyone else?

1.) 225 squares
2.) 108 cards
3.) 10 marbles
4.) 40 pieces
5.) 12 tiles
6.) mancala
7.) go
8.) yellow
9.) Go to the Head of the Class
10.) red
11.) Cranium
12.) The Game of Life
13.) K
14.) Hungry Hungry Hippos
15.) Spirograph
16.) a flag
17.) blue
18.) 1964
19.) 12
20.) Lionel

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