1.) People with arachnophobia fear what?

2.) The word “taxicab” comes from two separate words: taximeter and cabriolet. A taximeter automatically records the distance traveled and/or the time consumed for fare measurements. A cabriolet describes what?

3.) British English refers to gasoline by what term?

4.) What eight-letter “N”-term refers to giving special privilege to one’s family?

5.) The colloquial name “killer whale” refers to what species of dolphin?

6.) The phrase “as the crow flies” refers to movement in what manner?

7.) Publications in Spain refer to what rock band as “U-Dos”?

8.) The name of what country translates into English as “land of the Afghans”?

9.) What colorful name refers to Amsterdam’s “De Wallen” area?

10.) What name describes phrases that represent ways to remember series of items, such as “every good boy deserves fudge” and “my very educated mother just served us”?

11.) The word vert refers to what color on a coat-of-arms?

12.) What carved stone helped understand Egyptian hieroglyphics?

13.) The name of what CGI film takes its name from a Yiddish word meaning “monster”?

14.) The name of what Finnish hot room now sees use as a term describing any room with intense heat?

15.) If a person spelled out every whole number beginning with zero, what number would be the first containing the letter “A”?

16.) What name belongs to a part of speech appended to the end of a word?

17.) Geographers describe vast northern plains too cold and windy for tree growth by what “T”-term?

18.) What “P”-term describes a path surrounding an area?

19.) An archer keeps his arrows in what case with a shaky-sounding name?

20.) What part of speech refers a person, place, thing or idea?

1.) arachnids or spiders
2.) a two-wheeled, one-horse carriage
3.) petrol
4.) nepotism
5.) orca
6.) in a straight line
7.) U2
8.) Afghanistan
9.) the Red Light District
10.) mnemonics
11.) green
12.) the Rosetta Stone
13.) Shrek
14.) sauna
15.) 1,000 (one thousand)
16.) a suffix
17.) tundra
18.) perimeter
19.) a quiver
20.) a noun

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