1.) What gymnastics event often sees men perform the Iron Cross and the Crucifix?

2.) Invented in Santa Monica in the 1920s, what sport made its Olympic debut in 1996?

3.) Equipment for what sport includes an arm guard and a tab to protect the fingers of a participant’s drawing hand?

4.) The National League mandated that its umpires underwent what type of test in 1911?

5.) What avian term describes three consecutive strikes in bowling?

6.) Where on a traditional roller skate would someone find the stop?

7.) What event in a decathlon takes its athletes to the greatest vertical height with respect to the other events?

8.) Where must a combatant try to hit his opponent in Olympic fencing?

9.) Winners of the Masters Golf Tournament receive a jacket of what color?

10.) The name of what Winter Olympics event stems from the French word for “sled”?

11.) Nicknamed “The Stilt” during most of his professional career, what basketball powerhouse scored a combined 31,419 points over his tenures with the Golden State Warriors, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles Lakers?

12.) A discus competitor must wait for what to occur before stepping out of the throwing circle if he wishes for his throw to officially count?

13.) What piece of sports equipment may feature either a coquille or bellguard to protect the fingers?

14.) The initialism BMX stands for what phrase?

15.) What iconic boxer lit the flame at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games?

16.) Hall of Famer Hank Aaron played what position during his 23 years in Major League Baseball?

17.) The majority of basketballs across the world come in what color?

18.) In 1956 what catcher played opposite Don Larsen when the latter pitched the only perfect game in World Series history?

19.) The parents of what NBA player named him for a type of steak they saw on a menu just before his birth?

20.) Maneuvers in what sport include snap, slap, wrist and backhand shots?

1.) rings
2.) beach volleyball
3.) archery
4.) eye tests
5.) a turkey
6.) on the toe
7.) pole vault
8.) his torso
9.) green
10.) luge
11.) Wilt Chamberlain
12.) the discus to land
13.) an épée
14.) bicycle moto-cross
15.) Muhammad Ali
16.) right field
17.) orange
18.) Yogi Berra
19.) Kobe Bryant
20.) ice hockey

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