1.) Don Quixote mistakes what eco-friendly devices as evil, ferocious giants in Miguel Cervantes’ novel?

2.) What American playwright wrote the 1953 play The Crucible?

3.) What title belongs to the first novel in the James Bond series?

4.) In 2004 who became the first person to earn $1 billion by writing books?

5.) What nursery rhyme character “kissed the girls and made them cry”?

6.) What novel allegedly boosted the number of visits to the Louvre in 2005 by 22%?

7.) What three words follow The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of to complete the full original title of a Shakespearean play?

8.) What American author wrote The Great Gatsby?

9.) What Margaret Mitchell novel became a hugely-successful feature film?

10.) What Irish playwright remains the only person to receive both a Nobel Prize in Literature and an Academy Award?

11.) According to the most popular modern text, what type of government exists in the world of Humpty Dumpty?

12.) The children placed the head of what animal atop a stick in the 1954 WIlliam Golding novel Lord of the Flies?

13.) Alexander Dumas’ The Three Musketeers originally saw publication in what language?

14.) What author wrote Frankenstein in 1818?

15.) What literary character lost his shoes and jacket while raiding Mr. McGregor’s garden?

16.) What literary tale contains the phrase “fee, fie, fo, fum”?

17.) Beverly Cleary wrote a series of novels about a courageous little girl with what name?

18.) What name belongs to the rat from Charlotte’s Web?

19.) Herman Melville wrote Moby-Dick as what species of whale?

20.) Theodor Geisel used what pen name when writing his children’s books?

1.) windmills
2.) Arthur Miller
3.) Casino Royale
4.) J.K. Rowling
5.) Georgie Porgie
6.) The Da Vinci Code
7.) Romeo and Juliet
8.) F. Scott Fitzgerald
9.) Gone with the Wind
10.) George Bernard Shaw
11.) a monarchy
12.) a pig
13.) French
14.) Mary Shelley
15.) Peter Rabbit
16.) “Jack and the Beanstalk”
17.) Ramona Quimby
18.) Templeton
19.) white sperm whale
20.) Dr. Seuss

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