1.) What name belongs to the little dots on dominoes and dice?

2.) A person must “hit” how many times to win a game of Battleship?

3.) Experts credit what 1993 computer game with a four-letter name with sparking the first-person adventure-puzzle genre of games?

4.) What friendly monster inhabits Candy Land?

5.) A player collects what dollar amount for placing second in a beauty contest according to the cards in the board game Monopoly?

6.) A standard roulette wheel features what number as its highest?

7.) What U.S. state hosts the annual All-American Soap Box Derby?

8.) What length of wire constitutes a standard Slinky?

9.) Not counting interior spaces, how many spaces surround the board in the game Sorry!?

10.) The subtitle of a 1998 The Legend of Zelda video game contains what musical instrument?

11.) A standard mah-jongg set contains how many tiles?

12.) To the nearest half an inch, the first Barbie measured at what height when introduced in 1959?

13.) On February 26th, 2010, plastic surgeon Hank Chien from Queens, New York temporarily set a record high score of 1,061,700 points in what classic arcade game?

14.) A Scrabble board contains how many bonus squares?

15.) What company produces such board games as UnoPictionary and Scene It??

16.) What color is a standard six ball in billiards?

17.) How many antique horses adorn Cinderella’s Golden Carousel at Walt Disney World?

18.) The vinyl sheet included with Twister features how many colored circles?

19.) The tallest roller coaster in the world at the time, what roller coaster opened on May 21st, 2005 at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey?

20.) What quarterback graced the cover of NCAA Football 14?

1.) pips
2.) 17 hits
3.) Myst
4.) Gloppy the Chocolate Monster
5.) $10
6.) 36
7.) Ohio
8.) 63 feet
9.) 60 spaces
10.) an ocarina
11.) 144 tiles
12.) 11.5 inches
13.) Donkey Kong
14.) 60 (61 if you count the center square)
15.) Mattel
16.) green
17.) 90 antique horses
18.) 24 colored circles
19.) Kingda Ka
20.) Denard Robinson

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