1.) What name – as of 2011 – befits the building once known as the Sears Tower?

2.) Printing most commonly utilizes what four-letter color model?

3.) The famous “Surgeon’s Photograph” allegedly pictures what?

4.) One of the best-preserved Roman buildings, what Roman structure features the world’s largest un-reinforced concrete dome and ranks as the oldest important building in the world with its roof intact?

5.) In 1884 Chicago featured the United States’ first example of what?

6.) In 2006 the Netherlands celebrated what artist’s 400th birthday?

7.) Many scholars consider what man as the forefather of pointillism?

8.) Newspaper editor Joseph Pulitzer shamed citizens into financing what famous construction?

9.) Edgar Degas often painted what form of theater?

10.) What triumphant arch became an East/West German border crossing in December 1989?

11.) James Hoban – the designer of the White House – veritably sought influence from Leinster House, the Parliamentary building of what European city?

12.) Andalusian gypsies invented what famous style of dance?

13.) Nicknames for what post-Impressionist painter of cabaret and brothel life included “the soul of Montmartre”?

14.) Michelangelo’s David measures at what height?

15.) What French artist sculpted The Gates of Hell?

16.) The largest painting in the collection of the Musée du Louvre, what 1563 Paolo Veronese oil painting depicts a miracle story from the New Testament?

17.) What first name belonged to Vincent van Gogh’s art dealer brother?

18.) The historic photograph “Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima” features how many people?

19.) What year saw the completion of the carving of Mount Rushmore?

20.) What U.S. city contains a full-size replica of Christopher Columbus’ flagship Santa Maria?

1.) Willis Tower
2.) CMYK
3.) the Loch Ness Monster
4.) the Pantheon
5.) skyscrapers
6.) Rembrandt van Rijn
7.) Georges Seurat
8.) the base of the Statue of Liberty
9.) ballet
10.) Brandenburg Gate
11.) Dublin
12.) flamenco
13.) Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
14.) 17 feet
15.) Auguste Rodin
16.) The Wedding Feast at Cana
17.) Theo
18.) six people
19.) 1941
20.) Columbus, OH

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