1.) McDonald’s introduced its golden arches logo in what year?

2.) The word chai usually refers to tea from what country when used in North America?

3.) Algeria’s national dish couscous most commonly comprises what grain?

4.) Vanilla comes from what flowers?

5.) What U.S. state contains the most breweries?

6.) What modern treat takes its name from the stimulating Aztec drink xocolatl (“bitter water”)?

7.) Traditional wiener schnitzel comprises what meat?

8.) Oil from the bergamot oil traditionally flavors what type of tea?

9.) The Arizona Beverage Company operates out of what U.S. state?

10.) What name belongs to a fruit with an entire ovary wall that ripened to form an edible pericarp?

11.) Dr Pepper contains how many different flavors?

12.) What acts as the main ingredient in the Hawaiian dish poi?

13.) What brand of beer “made Milwaukee famous”?

14.) Sizes for what fruit include “bullets”, “brilliant”, “jumbo”, “colossal” and “super mammoth”?

15.) What musical term describes a palate-cleansing course served between two larger courses?

16.) Twinkies first contained creme of what flavor in the 1930s?

17.) The Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York first made Buffalo wings in what year?

18.) What state fruit of Idaho features berries typically blue in color but available in black, purple and red varieties?

19.) How many Peanut M&M’s constitute one pound?

20.) What ranks as the largest edible fruit native to North America?

1.) 1962
2.) India
3.) wheat
4.) orchids
5.) California
6.) chocolate
7.) veal
8.) Earl Grey tea
9.) New York
10.) a berry
11.) 23 flavors
12.) taro root
13.) Schlitz
14.) olives
15.) an intermezzo
16.) banana
17.) 1964
18.) huckleberry
19.) 192 Peanut M&M’s (on average)
20.) the paw paw (not the papaya)

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