(B.F.E. stands for “Business, Finance & Economy”.)

1.) Jamaica ranked as the leading exporter of what during its first 200 years of British rule?

2.) What company began in Switzerland in 1866 to market baby milk?

3.) What Belgian city ranks among the world’s main centers for diamond dealing?

4.) What U.S. state grows the most corn annually?

5.) What country consumes approximately half the world’s supply of cloves?

6.) What U.S. state features the largest peach crop in the country?

7.) The Canadian dollar coin received what nicknamed due to the bird pictured on it?

8.) At a rate of 360 million tons per year, what country produces the most raspberries annually by weight?

9.) With a net worth of $69 billion, who ranked as the wealthiest person in the world in July 2012?

10.) What retailer ranks as the largest wine retailer in the United States with annual sales of approximately $700 million?

11.) What European country produces approximately 50% of cork harvested annually worldwide?

12.) What brand of cigarette notably became the last brand advertised on American television?

13.) What company took over the production of Rolls-Royce cars in 2003?

14.) What corporation uses the stock ticker symbol ZZ?

15.) The world produces how many bicycles for every car produced in the world?

16.) What U.S. state’s commemorative quarter features an automobile?

17.) What commercially-produced home robot first reached one million sales?

18.) What country produces more coal than any other country?

19.) What man featured on United States currency notably ranks as the only one not born in the country?

20.) Authorities arrested Bernie Madoff and charged him with securities fraud in a $50 billion Ponzi scheme in December of what year?

1.) sugar
2.) Nestlé
3.) Antwerp
4.) Iowa
5.) Indonesia
6.) California
7.) the “loonie”
8.) Russia
9.) Carlos Slim
10.) Costco
11.) Portugal
12.) Virginia Slims
13.) BMW
14.) Sealy Corporation
15.) three bicycles
16.) Indiana’s commemorative quarter
17.) Roomba
18.) China
19.) Alexander Hamilton
20.) 2008

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