1.) A butterfly has how many wings?

2.) What species of ear ranks as the overall heaviest and largest?

3.) Lumber specified as “green lumber” in a hardware store meets what criterion?

4.) A solar eclipse may only come from what lunar phase?

5.) A human neck contains seven vertebrae. A giraffe neck contains how many vertebrae?

6.) What nickname belongs to a baby koala?

7.) A cat eye features how many eyelids?

8.) The Montgolfier brothers invented what in 1783 after watching smoke rise through a chimney?

9.) What name belongs to a brown crimini mushroom once it fully opens after maturation?

10.) Often incorrectly used to refer to fragments produced by any explosive weapon, what term – named after the British Army officer who invented it – refers to a shell casing filled with steel or lead balls with a small explosive charge at the base of the shell and a nose fuse?

11.) The medical term diastemata refers to the gaps found between what bone-like structures?

12.) What famous astronomer, physicist and professor at the University of Pisa discovered that bodies of different weights fall at equivalent velocities?

13.) What branch of science studies the way plants and animals link to each other and their environment?

14.) Wisconsin engineer Joseph Zimmerman invented what device in 1948 when he realized he could not afford a secretary?

15.) Who ranks as the first human to fly into space?

16.) Will Super Glue stick to Teflon?

17.) All but what body part of an octopus lacks hardness?

18.) What intermediate product of smelting iron ore takes its name from a farm animal?

19.) What gas constitutes approximately 74% of the sun’s mass?

20.) What type of rock floats?

1.) four wings
2.) polar bear
3.) has not yet been dried
4.) new moon
5.) seven vertebrae
6.) a joey
7.) three eyelids
8.) the hot-air balloon
9.) portobello mushroom
10.) shrapnel
11.) teeth
12.) Galileo Galilei
13.) ecology
14.) answering machine
15.) Yuri Gagarin
16.) no it will not
17.) its beak
18.) pig iron
19.) hydrogen
20.) pumice

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