1.) What pop star posed naked and pregnant on the August 2006 cover of Harper’s Bazaar?

2.) What tycoon landed his Sikorsky Amphibian on the eighth fairway at Bel-Air Country Club in order to draw Katharine Hepburn’s attention?

3.) What Broadway musical celebrates the life of the son of King Charlemagne?

4.) “It Might As Well Be Spring” represents the signature song of what 1945 Richard Rodgers show?

5.) Who runs the orphanage in the musical Annie?

6.) What Rodgers and Hammerstein musical drew inspiration from the Lynn Riggs play Green Grow the Lilacs?

7.) Lawman John Reid represented the alter ego of what character?

8.) Crocodile Dundee had what first name?

9.) The plot of what Quentin Tarantino film involves total strangers teaming up for the perfect crime that goes very wrong?

10.) The tag line “Brace yourself for Melvin” advertised what 1997 Jack Nicholson film?

11.) What film held the all-time box office record until Star Wars broke it in 1977?

12.) The tag line “The future will not be user-friendly” advertised what 1999 film?

13.) What television series based on a Candace Bushnell novel ended with the episode “An American in Paris (Part Deux)”?

14.) What first name belonged to the doorman from The Jeffersons?

15.) What year witnessed the first televised airing of the Academy Awards?

16.) The Simpsons launched what short-lived early 1990s dance craze?

17.) What decade saw the introduction of the wah-wah pedal for electric guitars?

18.) What musical group originally included LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett?

19.) U2 paid tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. in what 1984 hit song?

20.) What name belongs to a pair of cymbals clashed together through the operation of a foot pedal?

1.) Britney Spears
2.) Howard Hughes
3.) Pippin
4.) State Fair
5.) Miss Hannigan
6.) Oklahoma!
7.) the Lone Ranger
8.) Michael
9.) Reservoir Dogs
10.) As Good As It Gets
11.) Jaws
12.) The Matrix
13.) Sex and the City
14.) Ralph
15.) 1963
16.) “The Bartman”
17.) the 1960s
18.) Destiny’s Child
19.) “Pride (In the Name of Love)”
20.) hi-hat

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