1.) What country ranks as the second largest in the world?

2.) What island ranks as the largest in the Atlantic Ocean?

3.) What river flows past the Eiffel Tower?

4.) Nicknames for what European country include “the land of ice and fire”?

5.) What mountain range contains Lake Titicaca?

6.) What mountain ranks as the tallest on the North American continent?

7.) What present-day country contains the ancient city of Troy?

8.) What Asian country contains the cities Karachi and Islamabad?

9.) Nicknames for the corn-growing region of the United States include which one of these: the corn basket or the corn belt?

10.) What country contains the cities of Fez, Marrakesh and Casablanca?

11.) American archaeologist Hiram Bingham discovered the stone ruins of what Incan city in 1911?

12.) The three largest cities of what U.S. state start with the same letter of the alphabet?

13.) The Dolomites and the Carpathians represent two examples of what?

14.) What continent lies in all four hemispheres?

15.) Puget Sound lies off the shores of what U.S. state?

16.) What Asian country contains the ancient city of Petra?

17.) What U.S. state contains Zion, Arches and Bryce Canyon National Parks?

18.) The Painted Desert mostly lies in what U.S. state?

19.) What country drained the Zuiderzee to give itself more land?

20.) What country contains the world’s largest rock?

1.) Canada
2.) Greenland
3.) the Seine
4.) Iceland
5.) the Andes
6.) Denali (still known as Mt. McKinley in 2012 when I first asked this question)
7.) Turkey
8.) Pakistan
9.) corn belt
10.) Morocco
11.) Machu Picchu
12.) Ohio
13.) European mountain ranges
14.) Africa
15.) Washington
16.) Jordan
17.) Utah
18.) Arizona
19.) the Netherlands
20.) Australia

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